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TABG stats -- Updated 2018/6/9
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:: Firearm Stat Breakdown ::
Name: The title/ID of the weapon asset in the game. Class: The class/type of firearm (delineated by box in the shooting range). Head Shots: Number of shots to the head needed to kill dummy from ten meters. Body Shots: Number of shots in the stomach it takes to kill dummy from ten meters. Foot Shots: Number of shots in the foot it takes to kill dummy from ten meters. -> All shot counts are values formated as [ Before_Dropoff - After_Dropoff ] Dropoff: Distance in meters before weapon damage lowers (tells you effective range). -> Dropoff for explosives is calculated as maximum blast radius. Accuracy: Percentage of shots (out of 20) landed on a quarter-meter target from a ten meter distance while standing (ADS does not seem to affect this). Ammunition: Caliber/type of rounds used by the firearm. Magazine Capacity: Number of rounds when loaded. Rate Of Fire: The number of rounds you can fire per second (tells you average DPS). Recoil: Degree of elevation changed (Δ azimuth) from a single shot. Firemodes: Tells you the select-fire options of the weapon. Kickback: Distance the shooter is moved back from each shot. Knockback: Distance the target is moved back from each shot (using dummy targets). Hands: Number of hands needed to hold the weapon. All stats taken on 2018/6/8-9; these are approximate and are likely to change. We are calling the distance you can run in 1.53 seconds an approximate 10-meter mark. "N/A" stands for Not Applicable; if we do not have info, the cell is left blank. You can sort the table by clicking the column headers.
Name Class Head Shot Body Shot Foot Shot Dropoff Accuracy Ammunition Mag.Cap. Rate-Of-Fire Recoil Firemodes Kickback Knockback Hands
AK-47Assault Rifle2-?3-?6-? 100%7.62 mm30 6.52 rps0.5°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.1 m2
AUGAssault Rifle2-?4-?10-? 100%5.56 mm30 6.66 rps0.3°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.1 m2
M16Assault Rifle2-?4-?9-? 100%5.56 mm30 6.12 rps0.3°Semi/Burst0 m0.1 m2
MP-44Assault Rifle2-?3-?6-? 100%7.62 mm30 4.61 rps0.5°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.1 m2
SCAR-HAssault Rifle2-?4-?7-? 100%7.62 mm25 6.47 rps0.5°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.1 m2
Automatic CrossbowCrossbow1-?3-?4-? 100%Bolts10 1 rps0.2°Semi/Full-Auto0.1 m0 m2
CrossbowCrossbow1-?1-?2-? 100%Bolts1 1 rps0.05°Single0.1 m1 m2
Taser CrossbowCrossbow2-?3-?6-? 100%Taser Ammo1 1 rps0.6°Single0 m0.5 m2
Grenade LauncherExplosive111 100%Grenade6 3 rps°Semi-Auto0 m0 m2
Rocket LauncherExplosive112100%Rocket Ammo1 0.5 rpsSingle0.05 m1 m2
Browning M2Machine Gun3-?5-?6-? 100%7.62 mm500 8.73 rps0.33°Full-Auto0.05 m0.1 m2
M1918-BARMachine Gun2-?3-?5-? 100%7.62 mm20 5.3 rps0.33°Full-Auto0 m0.1 m2
MG-42Machine Gun2-?4-?5-? 100%7.62 mm50 12.2 rps0.33°Full-Auto0.05 m0.1 m2
Mini GunMachine Gun4-?5-?15-? 100%7.62 mm150 11.19 rps0.4°Full-Auto0.1 m0.1 m2
Balistic ShieldMelee356 100%N/AN/A N/AN/ASingle 1
BatonMelee244 100%N/AN/A N/AN/ASingle 1
Checkered ShieldMelee346 100%N/AN/A N/AN/ASingle 1
CleaverMelee234 100%N/AN/A N/AN/ASingle 1
CrowbarMelee234 100%N/AN/A N/AN/ASingle 1
Crusader SwordMelee236 100%N/AN/A N/AN/ASingle 1
FistsMelee379 100%N/AN/A N/AN/ASingle 1/2
Jarl AxeMelee222 100%N/AN/A N/AN/ASingle 2
KatanaMelee122 100%N/AN/A N/AN/ASingle 2
KnifeMelee235 100%N/AN/A N/AN/ASingle 1
RapierMelee244 100%N/AN/A N/AN/ASingle 1
Riot ShieldMelee344 100%N/AN/A N/AN/ASingle 2
SabreMelee234 100%N/AN/A N/AN/ASingle 1
Shallow Pot Long HandleMelee123 100%N/AN/A N/AN/ASingle 1
ShovelMelee234 100%N/AN/A N/AN/ASingle 1
Viking AxeMelee223 100%N/AN/A N/AN/ASingle 1
Beretta 93RPistol3-?5-?12-? 100% mm20 5 rps°Semi/Burst m m1
Desert EaglePistol1-?2-?4-? 100% mm8 5.16 rps°Semi-Auto m m1
FlintlockPistol1-?1-?2-? 100% mm1 1.5 rps°Single m m1
G18cPistol4-?7-?12-? 100% mm25 10.87 rps°Semi/Full-Auto m m1
Luger-P08Pistol2-?3-?5-? 100% mm8 5.92 rps°Semi-Auto m m1
m1911Pistol2-?3-?5-? 100% mm7 3.5 rps°Semi-Auto m m1
RevolverPistol2-?3-?5-? 100% mm6 6 rps°Semi-Auto m m1
TaserPistolN/AN/AN/A N/A 1 1 rps°Single m m1
Tec-9Pistol3-?5-?9-? 100% mm32 9.41 rps°Semi/Full-Auto m m1
AA-12Shotgun1-32-34-510m70-75%12 Gauge20 4.62 rps0.33°Semi/Full-Auto0.05 m0 m2
BlunderbussShotgun1-21-24-?10m100%Musket Ammo1 1 rps0.75°Single0.7 m0.1 m2
Double barrel ShotgunShotgun1-21-22-410m100%12 Gauge2 2 rps0.9°Semi-Auto0.5 m0 m2
Mossberg-500Shotgun1-51-?1-? 100%12 Gauge5 1.33 rpsSemi-Auto0 m0 m2
AKS-74USMG3-?5-?9-? 100% mm30 8.36 rps°Semi/Full-Auto 2
Mac-10SMG4-?7-?10-? 100% mm32 12.8 rps°Semi/Full-Auto 1
M1a1-ThompsonSMG2-?4-?7-? 100% mm30 8.49 rps°Semi/Full-Auto 2
MP-40SMG2-?3-?5-? 100% mm32 6.18 rps°Full-Auto 2
MP5-KSMG4-?5-?10-? 100% mm25 8.77 rps°Semi/Full-Auto 2
P90SMG3-?5-?7-? 100% mm50 14.71 rps°Semi/Full-Auto 2
PPSH-41SMG2-34-?7-8 100% mm72 11.80 rps°Semi/Full-Auto 2
UMP-45SMG2-?4-?7-? 100% mm25 7.35 rps°Semi/Burst/Full-Auto 2
VectorSMG3-?6-?11-? 100% mm25 14.71 rps°Semi/Burst/Full-Auto 2
AWPSniper Rifle1-?2-?3-? 100% mm10 1 rpsSingle0.2 m30 m2
BarrettSniper Rifle1-?2-?3-? 100% mm10 5 rpsSemi-Auto0.1 m1.5 m2
GarandSniper-Rifle2-?3-?5-? 100% mm8 2.66 rps0.5°Semi-Auto0 m0.1 m2
Kar98KSniper-Rifle1-?2-?3-? 100% mm5 0.8 rps0.3°Single0.1 m20 m2
M14Sniper Rifle2-?3-?6-? 100% mm20 6.66 rps0.5°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.5 m2
MusketSniper Rifle1-?1-?2-? 100% mm1 0.33 rpsSingle0.1 m1 m2
VSSSniper Rifle2-?4-?8-? +0.5°100% mm20 8 rps0.25°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.1 m2
Winchester-Model1886Sniper-Rifle1-22-34-510m +0.01°100% mm9 2 rps0.4°Semi-Auto0.1 m0.2 m2
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