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=================================[ Snauce ]================================= || Latest Shit :: 9/3/14 - 11/01/14 #GamerGate Coverage -> #BurgersAndFries There's been a large build-up of corruption in Old Media. New Media was hoped to be a clean slate, a new beginning for news, journalism, and transparency in general, but this is not the case. Because Old Media was so corrupt, New Media started out just as corrupt. However, this is something still being built, the foundation of New Media is still being layed, and as the builders of the system, we have power to change it! To familiarize yourself with the fuckery going on, check out all the shit on the resource list lol. Gamergate updates as they come. Rely on the resources below and the info from the irc on the right for the most current news and happenings. Original Quinnspiracy video from IA that spurned a lot of this. Parts 2 and 3. Thunderf00t's, Based Mom's, and Sargon's breakdowns of the fuckery going on. Formal schema of the main arguments thus far and deets breakdown on What Culture. and GamerGateFacts - the MAIN SITES for everything gamergate. Actual statistical breakdown of gamergate, and timeline of game journo's decay. Definitive proof that Gamergate is a force for good. Dossier document being made for press-kits and Git Repository of resources. Rogue Star Industries' living document for the Central Operations Archive. Thenderf00t's recap of Anita's apearance on the Colbert Report. Felicia Day's recent involvement was pretty expected, all things considered. The developments between Moot & Anita Sarkeeezian as given to KingOf/Pol/. What the XOXO conference actually resulted in. Mundanematt: "Oh, also, I posted something earlier about Feminist Frequency being registered as a non-profit with the IRS and as a for-profit in California, under two different names." Screenshots of what he's talking about here and here. Game journalists deleting their twitter accounts after Milo exchanges. Use to deny sites ad-revenue from traffic, donotlink is useless! Official GG board on 8chan; for GamerGate threads. quotes from the Gamergate IRC. ShrineNI calling Kotaku's third-wave feminist bullshit from back in Jan. 2013. The Big Man, Tyrone speaks from his heart about Gamergate. Here's ZQ's Deviant Art and nude photoshoot. Dox on the shill that faked hoax and 4chan framing for money. ArchonEscapist's interview logs with #BurgersAndFries. If you didn't know, SJW stands for Social Justice Warrior. What "Culture Jamming" means. What shills who don't understand chanology think about words. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- || 10/11/14 The Snappening -> #Snappening The Snappening is a Snapchat third-party app leak where ~13 gigs of photos and videos were archived and stored over a couple years or so. Lots of nudes are contained within the leak, including underaged persons of both genders. There is now a searchable version of the archive where you can look up users by their handle & see all of their leaked content. Around 200,000 photos were archived. The potential for fuckery on this one is massive. Will be updating with links for a torrent of the archive. Official Snappening thread on reddit. Twitter feed of the hashtag #TheSnappening. Huffington Post articile on the initial leak. Business Insider article on the initial leak. CBS article on the initial leak. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- || 9/1/14 - Day Two of The Fappening -> #TheFappening Yesterday a friend of mine released a large grouping of data on 4chan that's now being labelled, "The Fappening". Now our brothers and sisters here may know it as Apple's failed cloud service and a PR nightmare the likes of which hollywood has never seen, but the enlightened know it as a major opportunity for fuckery. I will be hosting all the insider information and general news to come out of this, as well as complete sets of each individual as more is leaked over time. Archive of mirrors and links from the fappening: Statement from first leaker - The largest p2p swarm on the planet right now lol - The Fappening on TPB Explanation on the ring that ran this for years - Here's what the fappening will result in - Live reddit is down, but the subreddit isn't - /r/TheFappening/ Reddit's fix to the live feed is to host a temp doc - google doc The "#LeakForJLaw" twitter feed - poor twitter lol... KnowYourMeme's article includes the dude who 4chan thought was responsible - lol This is why Freenode is a bag of dicks. Use the Rizon chan on the right instead -> Btw, the 25k being offered for more nudes to be posted won't cover the court fees, so you guys will have to up your offer significantly if you want to pay for a mass-dumping. 4CHAN IS CUTTING OUT BECAUSE OF HOSTING BEING LIMITED BY FBI PRESSURE LOL -> In case anyone thought the FBI wasn't actively involved in trying to dismantle this fuckery, you need to check yourself, because they are definitely involved. -> Article on FBI's raid involvement. Sites that are hosting the leaked content amongst other past leaks: - much downtime, many traffic, very 508 Thank you for flying Snerx Airlines!