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All Basic Bitcoin Information (what is it, what does it do, etc). Why Bitcoin is the Greatest Advancement in Currency Ever, no joke. -> This is more bitcoin info about what it can do. Andreas Antonopoulos on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast. This is a layman's explanation of all the workings of the invention of bitcoin. Andreas testifying to Canadian Senate about the ins and outs of bitcoin. Links to more detailed descriptors of how the Bitcoin ecosystem works. Frequently asked questions about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. The Original White Paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto. The total number of Bitcoins that will ever exist is hard-coded into the software, at around 21 million BTC. These 21 million BTC are divisible down to 8 decimal places, providing for about 2.1 quadrillion transactable units of the currency. Financial Terms and Crypto Lingo. Technical Details on the inner-workings of the p2p coin system. Tuur Demeester at BTC 2013 Conference debunking myths. :: Wallets (in order of market cap on 5/16/16) :: 1 BTC Bitcoin wallets (and phone wallet). Their Official IRC and Forums. -> Download the MultiBit wallet instead if you don't want to sync 40 gigs lol. 2 ETH Ethereum wallets. It's interesting. 3 XRP Ripple wallets. Ripple is an exchange service for crypto and fiat. 4 LTC Litecoin wallets. Their Official IRC and Forums. 5 DASH Dash wallets. Previously DarkCoin, they claim to be 'truly fungible', lol. 6 MAID MaidSafeCoin uses Proof of Resource (POR). 7 DOGE Dogecoin wallets. Their Official IRC and Forums. 8 DGD DigixDAO is interesting because it uses Ethereum & is tied directly to gold. 9 XEM Nem uses what they call Proof of Importance which is inherently unfair lol. 10 STEEMSteem is a social media-based crypto that aims to reward sociality of users. Setting up your bitcoin wallet (tutorial). After your wallet finishes syncronizing, make sure you encrypt it. Also make sure you backup your wallet (private keys) and save a copy somewhere else. VanityGen lets you generate a vanity address securely (on your desktop). BitcoinVanityGen is easier to use (web generator), but not as secure. :: Cold Storage :: How to make Paper Wallets and Cold Storage. BitAddress, an address & private key generator for new wallets & cold storage. WarpWallet, don't need to store the priv key if you remember your passphrase. :: Exchange Markets (in order of 30-day volume) :: Coinbase - For straight buying and selling BTC for USD, no other trades. Bitfinex - pulling a Mt.GOX right now. Bitstamp - second largest exchange market right now. BTC-e - lets you pull USD straight into paypal. HitBtc - automated api trading inside their own exchange (multi-crypto). LocalBitcoins - Buy/Sell with people in your area using any kind of method. Cryptsy - many active altcoins availible for exchange. MintPal - a large altcoin exchange. Poloniex - almost every altcoin availible including ColbertCoin. Bter - a large altcoin exchange. BitTrex - exchange with some nice statistical tools. CoinSect - an Aussie market for any crypto-to-fiat and versa vice trades. Prelude - a smaller altcoin exchange but they also do USD trades. Mt.GOX - failing Japanese exchange market (great for daytrading though lol). A big list of the top 36 altcoin exchange markets. :: Crypto Utilities and Sauces :: History and visual derivation of all cryptocoinage since bitcoin's inception. Categorical list of pretty much all cryptocurrencies. List of all the dead altcoins. You get to see how much failure there is. History of all major Bitcoin heists and Bitcoin related thefts. List of major known scammers and shills in the bitcoin community. Clean Stat Ticker and Market Graphs from Cryptowatch. The Moolah platform. Altcoin Profitability Calculator based on difficulty, percent mined, etc. Another Altcoin Profitability Calculator based on other things, idk. All possible Private Key & Address Pairs ( > the # of atoms in the universe). Poor Man's Copyright using Proof of Existence. MaidSafe, basically it's DropBox on steroids in the cryptoverse. TP's Go Bitcoin Tests. If you want to reverse engineer your private keys. CoinKite, the first ever BTC debit card and payment terminal. :: Miners - STRAIGHT TO THE MOON! :: cgminer - check hardware comparison chart to see which version to use. -> cgminer's README, it is incredibly important that you read this. Cudaminer for nvidia (still shit though, AMD is much prefered). Coinplorer's mining hardware comparison chart & currencies profit calculator. Hardware comparison chart for what GPU to buy. General Mining Tutorial geared for Litecoin, but watch it anyways. Mining tutorial and explanations geared for Dogecoin. Thank you for flying Air-Snerx.
If you find this doc usefull, give us smooches: 1snerxYR4LFh3WzrBGpQh6rUaHpGCkMHs We have a page just for Crypto Traders too. Shadow is a zero-knowledge tx & messaging project, it looks interesting. :: BlockChain Explorers (in order of market cap) :: Bitcoin's Blockchain explorer on Coinplorer. Bitcoin top 100 richest wallets. Ethereum's blockchain explorer on Etherscan. Ripple's official live explorer (and some of their statistical data). LiteCoin blockchain explorer on Coinplorer. Dash blockchain explorer on Cryptoid. MaidSafeCoin blockchain explorer on Omnichest. Dogecoin's blockchain explorer on Coinplorer. DigixDAO's blockchain explorer on Etherscan. Nem's blockchain explorer on Steem's official live explorer. :: Ease & Efficiency Tools :: Shift Card, a Bitcoin debit card, lets you use Bitcoin anywhere now. You can get a Bitcoin debit card from Xapo as well. Shape Shift lets you instantly transfer from one cryptocurrency to the next. Changelly is a Shapeshift alternative. CoinCPA for managing your crypto portfolio. BitcoinTaxes for calculating capital gains on all your bitcoins and altcoins. :: Market Analysis & Trade Tools :: live feed of all current crypto market caps and exchange rates. list of all current crypto market caps. List of cryptocurrencies by trade volume in the last 24 hours. CryptoCompare has a bunch of useful tools for market analysis. BitcoinAverage for the mean amalgamation of this-second exchange prices. Gdoc for predicting Bitcoin Bubbles. Current USD market prices listed for all major exchanges. CryptoCoin Charts for ALL current cross-currency exchange rates. Global values for assets, including Bitcoin and cryptocurrency totals. Arbitrage opportunities for cryptocurrency investments. Logistic Price Chart showing bitcoin on way to $1,000,000 USD. What Bitcoin Days Destroyed are and how they show level of genuine activity. Bitcoinium app for current price widget, stat analysis, price alerts, etc. :: Crypto News and Sauce :: CoinTelegraph is the largest news source. Their price index is useful too. NewsBTC is a journalistic news service for crypto. Coins Source has all kinds of news on new altcoins and crypto trends. ZeroBlock has a news ticker, dynamic market price graph, and other btc stats. :: Merchant Tools :: Coinpayments allows for all kinds of merchant tools and alt-coin trades. :: Shit To Look Out For :: BTS BitShares wallets. What BTS does with asset automation & handling. NXT Nxt wallets. Nxt is the first real 2nd gen coin. STR Stellar gateways. Stellar lets you exchange any currency in-client. PPC Peercoin wallets. Peercoin was the first PoW/PoS hybrid coin. NMC Namecoin wallets. What Namecoin does for DNS. XCP Counterwallet for Counterparty. What Counterparty is all about. XMR Monero wallets. Monero is 2nd gen, here's what it's all about. Download a Vertcoin wallet. What Vertcoin is all about. Download a Cloackcoin wallet. Cloak has an interesting take on anonynimity. BC BlackCoin wallets. Get a Card (ten times better than paper wallet). BCN Bytecoin wallets. Bytecoin uses the CryptoNight algorithm. :: Mining Pools ::, largest mining pool in the world, clean interface & easy to use. Middlecoin pool, for mining ANY scrypt coin & it converts direct to BTC. Litecoin pool for expirementing. Doge on Nut2Pools. BlackCoin on Saarmining P2Pool (KAC).