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This is the videogame article section. There will be no articles on games pre-release, only on games post-release to get rid of bias due to incomplete betas and to reduce the notion of being paid to review a game. The format for reviews is: ||| Name of the Game || Date of official release: date | Article published: date Development Studio :: Publisher :: Project Development Cost GenreOfGame-_ :: StyleOfGenre-_ :: GraphicsType-_ :: AudioType-_ Indexes { ATB = average time to beat the game APT = average play-time of the game TNW = total # of words :: NCD = # of characters with dialogue :: NUW = # of unique words used by all characters Verbal Index (VI) = TNW x NUW / 10000 Writing Index (WI) = VI x (1 / ATB) NGT = # of gamemodes :: NOE = # of environments :: NUA = # of unique character -usable assets Dynamic Play Index (PI) = ((NGT + NOE) x NUA) / 100 Design Immersion Index (DI) = ((NGT + NOE + NUA) x APT) / 100 AI is the Audio Index for sound design from the music section, which is used to assess the soundtracks of games, and CI is the Color Index for color theory from the film section, which is used to assess visual palletts and design. Engagement Index (EI) = WI + DI + AI + CI Fun/Addiction Index (FI) = EI x (APT / ATB) } Link to official site :: Link to official release trailer Link to discussion of the game on our forums (non-objective reviews)