:: Character Guide ::
The character creation process starts with the selection of species, then the test for blood, a selection of class, and then stats are distributed based on all prior three selections. A finished character sheet looks like the following.

Handle : Snax
Titles : Philosopher King

Species: Human
Blood  : Gold
Class  : Philosopher
Stats  : 5 INT 5 VIT 5 LUK

Money  : 10 SNUFF
Adress : 1snerxYR4LFh3WzrBGpQh6rUaHpGCkMHs

Load   : 20 lbs
Inv.   : 3,000 lbs
Value  : 100 SNUFF

Tasks  : Manage Greater Western Co-prosperity Sphere...
Skills : Logic IV, Tech V, Pilot I, Small Arms II, Critical Analysis III, Language IV
- Species -
There are five known space-faring species in EPW. The first are Humans, who are a Kardeshev 1 type civilization (sky is blacked-out on planets) and have the species code of 1111. Humans are the "white guy" of the universe, generic in every way. However, it is this perfect averageness that also gives them the most well-rounded stats of all the races. Humans occupy the central solar system House.
The second are 2222s, who are a Kardeshev 0 type civilization (solar light-sources are free and open, this is the most colorful area of the galaxy) and have the species code of 2222. 2222s are humanoids as well, but twice as tall, slimmer, and noticeably swifter. This makes them more combat effective and gives them stats better suited for Soldier classes. 2222s occupy the southern solar system Trance.
The third are 3333s, who are a Kardeshev 2 type civilization (their star is blacked-out in their home system) and have the species code of 3333. 3333s are not humanoid, they most closely resemble insect-hounds, are half the size of humans, and are the fastest species but also the most physically weak. They are best suited for Pilot and logistic classes. 3333s occupy the eastern solar system Core.
The fourth are 4444s, who are a Kardeshev 2 type civilization and have the species code of 4444. 4444s are not humanoid, they are a robotic species that most closely resembles the tall robo-tangles from the movie Interstellar, are three times as tall as 3333s, or mid-height compared to Humans and 2222s, and are the slowest species but are the Luckiest. They are best suited for Trade classes. 4444s occupy the western solar system Breaks.
The fifth are 5555s, who are a Kardeshev 2 type civilization and have the species code of 5555. 5555s are humanoid and most closely resemble insectoid gargoyles, are the tallest species (five times taller than 3333s), are the most intelligent, have the most health, but are the least lucky. They are best suited for Mental classes. 5555s occupy the northern solar system Drum & Bass.
- Blood -
Character creation can take a long time in EPW. This is due to the character creation process requiring the player to take a test in formal logic. The test is a series of logic puzzles (think Knights and Knaves). This test dictates what 'blood' a character has. Gold blood is only awarded to the top 5% of character scores, silver blood to the next 20% percent, and bronze blood to the bottom 75% of character scores. Scores are weighted not only by raw point value from correct or incorrect answers to the test but also by amount of time the test was completed in. This may or may not end up making use of the Stone logic converter. The kinds of classes a character may choose is limited to the kind of blood the character is given. Blood may also 'thin' or 'thicken' since it is awareded based on average player scores and therefore individual character scores may shift in or out of a threshold as more players take the test. To stop people from abusing this and simply cancelling and retaking the test over and over until they get a better score, the test saves and their scores remain until they finish creating a character, a character which cannot be deleted until 30 days have passed since its creation. There is a maximum of three characters per player account and there is a limit of one account that can be created per IP per 30 days to limit number of fake accounts and spam characters in the game.
Characters with Bronze blood are given one extra stat point to distribute to VIT. Characters with Silver blood are given one extra stat point to VIT and one extra stat point to LUK. Characters with Gold blood are given one extra stat point to distribute to each stat category of INT, VIT, and LUK. Additional to the extra stat points, blood also determines possible classes and therefore possible roles within a Tribe, State, Nation, and Empire. The higher the role, the higher the salary, which means the higher the payout in SNUFF a character will recieve, which means the more cryptocurrency a player will be earning. With greater earnings there are greater responsibilities and more intensive tasks that will be required of those characters. Depending on how addicting the game ends up being, all the really smart people that got gold blood will have their time consumed by EPW and the real world will be devoid of people intelligent enough to stop the impending global thermo-nuclear warfare.
- Classes -
Classes are not limited by species but are limited by blood. Class choice affects stat distribution but not as severely as choice of species. Classes also affect ability to learn and use certain skills in the game; certain classes will play critical roles in various areas and modes of the game.
The classes availible to Bronze blooded characters are Soldier, Pilot, Spy, Trader, Medic, Heavy Arms, , and Mechanic.
The classes availible to Silver blooded characters are Preatorian, Officer, Cryptanalyst, and Economist, with all Bronze blooded classes availible as a sub-class.
The classes availible to Gold blooded characters are Philosopher and Mentat with all Silver blooded classes availible as a sub-class.
- Stats -
There are three stat categories: Intelligence (INT), Vitality (VIT), and Luck (LUK). Each category has three member stats you can assign points to. Intelligence contains Mind (MND), Social (SOC), and Gravity (GRV). Vitality contains Health (HEL), Power (POW), and Speed (SPD). Luck conatins Random (RNG), Manipulation (MAN), and Prediction (PRD).
Carry weight is two-pronged in EPW. Since the remote transport of materials to motherships is possible, all items picked up by a character can be instantly offloaded to that character's locker on a nearby mother or transport ship. This means characters can indefinitely pick up items without any sort of maximum storage space limiting their bounties. However, you can only carry so much on you at a given time (your load/loadout); this threshold hinders speed if crossed and boosts speed if your loadout is half your threshold. Players can manually set limits on the maximum number of items to carry in a stack before that item is sent to the player's locker; this becomes a balancing act around how much a character needs for armor, weaponry, food, and ammo before they send away extra.