:: About EPW ::
Snuff is the name for the first installment of the EPW universe. EPW 2 will be named something different than Snuff (EPW 1) but they will not be different games. Instead, the EPW universe and game engine will continually expand until the codebase and game mechanics have grown enough to be titled anew. These may also be considered expansions, although they will add far more features and game mechanics than typical expansion packs. As such, Snuff is an outline, the bare minimum, a skeleton of a game needed to show proof-of-concept on the way to developing a much more ambitious game (EPW 4).
EPW 1 is titled 'Snuff' akin to snuff films - in the way that gore and illegal porn are the bastardizations of cinema, so Snuff is the bastadization of videogames. Given that the code and game concept is a mash of ill-thought-out mechanics, Snuff is a perversion of vidya. Additionally, there is a fine powder central to the game's plot called Peach Powder that when snorted acts as a cognitive enhancer; one of the slang terms for Peach Powder is Snuff.
So far, Snuff and all of EPW has been an auteur project; I am the only person that has worked on it. All the game concepts, code, and webpages were created by me (as is the case with almost everything on the Snerx domain). Because of this, it will be a good while before there is a playable alpha for Snuff, and a good while longer before there is a polished beta, and a good while after that before this game is worth showing other people in broader society. That is unless I get help coding and managing the database. P-please help ;;