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The Philosopher Stone -- Version 0.0.6 -- Updated 01/18/17 Back to Snerx -- Contact us on our official Discord. ====================================================================================== :: English to Formal Logic Converter :: The Philosopher Stone is web & standalone software designed to convert human aesthetic language into symbolic logic, specifically sententious logic. Some very crude and old software for parts of this already exist, but they don't have half the functionality nor is the current functionality very robust; for example- Tree Proof Generator -- Diagraming -- Linear Logic Prover -- Logic Soft The Philosopher Stone can be used in academia, specifically in philosophy, law, and most of the humanities for tests of validity and integrity of argumentation, as well as professional law and government as an aid in law writing and analysis. Specific to courtrooms, Stone can take all evidence and arguments, generate probability charts, and output verdicts on cases without room for subjectivity (like a jury). This can also be used as a gimmick when getting into debates online with friends or strangers over forums, where you can copy and paste what people post and see if it withstands logical consistency. This means any time someone says something insane, you can show them the readouts from Stone and say, "You're objectively wrong, here's why." That makes this product a social tool as well as a strong academic one, akin to software like Wolfram Alpha.