TABG stats -- Created 2018/6/8 -- Updated 2018/11/08
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:: Resources and Notes ::
Official patchnotes and news for TABG. Secret/special weapon stats from u/Iwearajacket. Common weapon stats from u/Iwearajacket (range and recoil not accurate). Additional common weapon stats from Moulinette. Weapon damage tests at long ranges (100-200 meters) from u/ghostnightryu. - TABG has high mobility, meaning any small space can probably be moved through. This includes the chimneys on buildings. - You can put any item in the throwable slot and throw it like a grenade. - Launching into water on spawn lets you fly indefinitely until you hit land. - Guns with high kickback + heavy barrel lets you fly when aiming downwards. - You can shoot yourself in the legs if you aim down and fire while jumping. - It is generally noted that the heavy barrel attachment adds ~20% damage to a weapon. - Knockback seems to only apply if the target is hit in the chest. - All guns are perfectly accurate after correcting for the azimuth of bullet-drop with the exception of the AA-12 (75% hit-accuracy) and The Arnold (83.33% hit-accuracy).
:: Table Legend ::
Name: The title/ID of the weapon asset in the game. *: Indicates best-in-class weapon given stat averages for the weapon. Class: The class/type of firearm (delineated by box in the shooting range). Head Shots: Number of shots to the head needed to kill dummy from ten meters. Body Shots: Number of shots in the stomach it takes to kill dummy from ten meters. Foot Shots: Number of shots in the foot it takes to kill dummy from ten meters. -> All shot counts are values formated as [ Before_Dropoff - After_Dropoff(s) ] Dropoff: Distance in meters before weapon damage lowers (tells you effective range). -> Dropoff for explosives is calculated as maximum blast radius. TABG Distance Calculations 1st platform dummy, from the edge of the dock in the shooting range, is 50m away, 2nd (far right) is 100m, 3rd (far left) is 150m, and 4th is 200m. Accuracy: Aim-height correction needed for the given distance. TABG Scope Zeroing We are calling 1 degree ~ 1.5 8X crosshairs stacked (when ADS). 1 full 8X is 0.66°. This means 0.5 (1/2) 8X = 0.33°; 0.25 (1/4) 8X = 0.166°; 0.125 (1/8) 8X = 0.0833°. Ammunition: Caliber/type of rounds used by the firearm. Magazine Capacity: Number of rounds when loaded. Rate Of Fire: The number of rounds you can fire per second (tells you average DPS). Recoil: Degree of elevation changed (Δ azimuth) from a single shot. Firemodes: Tells you the select-fire options of the weapon. Kickback: Distance the shooter is moved back from each shot (lunge for melee). Knockback: Distance the target is moved back from each shot (using dummy targets). Hands: Number of hands needed to hold the weapon. Stats updated on 2018/7/14; these are approximate and may change over time. "n/a" stands for Not Applicable; mostly for explosives, melee, and taser weapons. We are calling the distance you can run in 1.53 seconds an approximate 10-meter mark. Shotguns are the only guns that become innacurate after their dropoff range. The UMP-45, P90, and PPSH-41's bullets skip when fired, meaning you will have to aim below the target's head for accurate headshots between 10 and 200 meters. Green & Red highlights best & worst stats in the weapon class, respectively. We believe the AK-47 is the best gun overall; the M14 has very similar stats. You can sort the table by clicking the column headers.
Name * Class Head Shot Body Shot Foot Shot Dropoff Accuracy Ammunition Mag.Cap. Rate-Of-Fire Recoil Firemodes Kickback Knockback Hands
AK-47*Assault Rifle236>200m+^1/4 @200m7.62 mm 306.52 rps0.66°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.1 m2
AUG Assault Rifle2-34-?10-?100m+0 @200m5.56 mm 306.66 rps0.5°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.1 m2
M16 Assault Rifle2-34-?9-?100m+v1/8 @200m5.56 mm 306.12 rps0.6°Semi/Burst0 m0.1 m2
MP-44 Assault Rifle236>200m+v1/4 @200m7.62 mm 304.61 rps0.9°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.1 m2
SCAR-H Assault Rifle2-34-?7-?100m+v1/8 @200m7.62 mm 256.47 rps0.8°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.1 m2
Automatic Crossbow Crossbow134>200m+^1 @100mBolts 105 rps0.5°Semi/Full-Auto0.1 m0 m2
Crossbow*Crossbow112>200m+v1.5 @150mBolts 11 rps0.1°Single0.1 m1 m2
Taser Crossbow Crossbow236>200m+3 @100mTaser Ammo 11 rps1.2°Single0 m0.5 m2
MGL (Grenade Launcher) Explosive11110mn/aGrenade 63 rps1.2°Semi-Auto0 m0 m2
Rocket Launcher Explosive1124m+1 @200mRocket Ammo 10.5 rps1.7°Single0.05 m1 m2
Browning M2*Machine Gun3-65-?6-?100m+1/4 @200m7.62 mm 5008.73 rps0.33°Full-Auto0.05 m0.1 m2
M1918-BAR Machine Gun2-43-?5-?100m+v1/8 @200m7.62 mm 205.3 rps0.33°Full-Auto0 m0.1 m2
MG-42 Machine Gun2-3-?4-?-?5-?-?50m, 100m+^1/4 @200m7.62 mm 5012.2 rps0.33°Full-Auto0.05 m0.1 m2
Mini Gun Machine Gun4-?5-?15-?10m+^1/4 @200m7.62 mm 15011.19 rps0.4°Full-Auto0.1 m0.1 m2
Balistic Shield Melee356n/an/an/a n/a rpsn/aSingle0 m1 m1
Baton Melee244n/an/an/a n/a rpsn/aSingle0 m0 m1
Checkered Shield Melee346n/an/an/a n/a rpsn/aSingle1 m1.4 m1
Cleaver Melee234n/an/an/a n/a rpsn/aSingle0 m0 m1
Crowbar Melee234n/an/an/a n/a rpsn/aSingle0 m0.1 m1
Crusader Sword Melee236n/an/an/a n/a rpsn/aSingle0 m0 m1
Fists Melee379n/an/an/a n/a rpsn/aSingle0 m0 m1
Jarl Axe Melee222n/an/an/a n/a rpsn/aSingle0 m0.2 m2
Katana Melee122n/an/an/a n/a rpsn/aSingle0 m0 m2
Knife Melee235n/an/an/a n/a rpsn/aSingle0 m0 m1
Rapier Melee244n/an/an/a n/a rpsn/aSingle0 m0 m1
Riot Shield Melee344n/an/an/a n/a rpsn/aSingle0 m1.2 m2
Sabre Melee234n/an/an/a n/a rpsn/aSingle0 m0 m1
Shallow Pot Long Handle*Melee123n/an/an/a n/a rpsn/aSingle0 m0.1 m1
Shovel Melee234n/an/an/a n/a rpsn/aSingle0 m0 m1
Viking Axe Melee223n/an/an/a n/a rpsn/aSingle0 m0.5 m1
Beretta 93R Pistol3-55-?12-?50m+^3/4 @100m9 mm 205 rps0.9°Semi/Burst0 m0.1 m1
Desert Eagle Pistol1-22-?4-?10m+v1/2 @200m7.62 mm 85.16 rpsSemi-Auto0.1 m0.1 m1
Flintlock Pistol112>200m+1.5 @100mMusket Ammo 11.5 rps0.8°Single0 m0 m1
G18c Pistol4-5-97-?-?12-?-?10m, 50m+v3/4 @200m9 mm 2510.87 rps0.22°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.05 m1
Luger-P08 Pistol2-3-43-?-?5-?-?10m, 50m+v3/4 @200m9 mm 85.92 rps0.9°Semi-Auto0 m0.05 m1
m1911 Pistol2-33-?5-?100m+^3/4 @200m.45 ACP 73.5 rps0.86°Semi-Auto0 m0.05 m1
Revolver Pistol2-33-?5-?100m+^3/4 @200m7.62 mm 66 rps0.8°Semi-Auto0.1 m0.1 m1
Taser Pistol00020mn/aTaser Ammo 11 rps0.8°Single0 m0 m1
Tec-9*Pistol3-5-65-?-?9-?-?50m, 100m+^3/4 @200m9 mm 329.41 rps0.16°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.05 m1
AA-12 Shotgun1-32-34-510mn/a12 Gauge 204.62 rps0.8°Semi/Full-Auto0.05 m0 m2
Blunderbuss Shotgun1-21-2?-?10mn/aMusket Ammo 11 rps1.5°Single0.7 m0.1 m2
Double barrel Shotgun Shotgun1-31-32-45mn/a12 Gauge 22 rpsSemi-Auto0.5 m0 m1
Mossberg-500*Shotgun1-31-31-?10mn/a12 Gauge 51.33 rpsSemi-Auto0 m0 m2
The Arnold Shotgun1-31-34-75mn/a12 Gauge 61 rps0.56°Semi-Auto0.1 m1 m1
AKS-74U SMG3-4-65-?-?9-?-?50m, 100m+v1/8 @200m5.56 mm 308.36 rps0.56°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.01 m2
M1a1-Thompson SMG2-3-54-?-?7-?-?20m, 30m+1/2 @100m.45 ACP 308.49 rps0.8°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0 m2
Mac-10 SMG4-6-97-?-?10-?-?10m, 20m+3/4 @200m9 mm 3212.8 rps0.36°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.01 m1
MP-40 SMG2-3-43-?-?5-?-?30m+1 @200m9 mm 326.18 rpsFull-Auto0 m0.1 m2
MP5-K SMG3-4-65-?-?10-?-?20m, 30m+5/8 @200m9 mm 258.77 rps0.58°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0 m2
P90 SMG3-4-65-?-?7-?-?20m, 30m-v1/2 @200m5.56 mm 5014.71 rps0.44°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0 m2
PPSH-41*SMG2-3-54-?-?7-8-?20m, 30m+0 @200m7.62 mm 7211.80 rps0.5°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0 m2
UMP-45 SMG2-54-?7-?30m+0 @200m.45 ACP 257.35 rps0.66°Semi/Burst/Full-Auto0 m0 m2
Vector SMG3-4-6-76-?-?-?11-?-?-?20,30,50m+3/4 @200m.45 ACP 2514.71 rps0.46°Semi/Burst/Full-Auto0 m0 m2
AWP*Sniper Rifle123>200m+1/8 @200m7.62 mm 101 rps0.66°Single0.2 m30 m2
Barrett Sniper Rifle123>200m+1/8 @200m7.62 mm 105 rpsSemi-Auto0.1 m1.5 m2
Garand Sniper Rifle1-2?-3?-510m+^1/4 @200m7.62 mm 82.66 rps0.9°Semi-Auto0 m0.1 m2
Kar98K Sniper Rifle123>200m+v1/4 @200m7.62 mm 50.8 rps0.46°Single0.1 m20 m2
M14*Sniper Rifle236>200m+^1/4 @200m7.62 mm 206.66 rps0.8°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.5 m2
Musket Sniper Rifle112>200m+v1/4 @50mMusket Ammo 10.33 rps2.3°Single0.1 m1 m2
VSS Sniper Rifle2-34-?8-?50m+1/4 @50m9 mm 208 rps0.26°Semi/Full-Auto0 m0.1 m2
Winchester-Model1886 Sniper Rifle1-22-34-510m+v1/4 @200m.45 ACP 9 2 rps0.54°Semi-Auto0.1 m0.2 m2
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