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Arguments Against Natalism, Sexuality, and Love
Lecture Notes from the 97th Diogenesis Lecture on 2021/11/21

Parts of this lecture have appeared in prior lectures before, but these parts have never been presented together and there's a lot of new material here, so bear with me if parts of this sound like a broken record. To open, I want to go over the definitions of the terms in the lecture title so there's no confusion as to what aspects of these ideas we are invectively attacking.

Natalism refers to a worldview that promotes the reproduction of human life, specifically via child-bearing and parenthood. Sexuality refers to sexual attraction to like-kind organisms for the purpose or result of reproduction. Love, for this lecture, will refer to the kind of emotion associated with sexual attraction and reproductive behaviors. There should be a clear teleological or narrative trajectory here - that natalism is the starting position of reproduction being good, as a mere proposition, that sexuality is the biological imperative towards reproduction, and love is the sometimes discursive or conscious actions taken towards enacting reproduction. These three things together form a sort of reproduction trinity; I will argue against all three individually and then I will argue against all of them together - that if any one of these 3 things is wrong, then they all are. Near the end of the lecture we will also go over some possible solutions to these problems. The general view I am presenting here can be thought of sloganistically as, "we must seize the means of reproduction," or at the very least, have a fundamentally better understanding of it so that it doesn't continue to run rampant and destroy the planet.