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This page is a log of the artists in the Snerx & Diogenesis server. The unified aesthetic we are creating is the combination of ancient statuework and architecture with very contemporary glitch and cyberpunk themes. We are not making vaporwave art. This aesthetic can be thought of as what would happen if Bladerunner was set in ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, or others. :: Cozmic :: Internal circulation only. :: Kino :: Newest member and another resident Frenchman; Kino produces Minimal Cyberancient works. Of all the members, Kino's works most closely resemble vaporwave. :: Loaq :: Loaq hasn't produced a large body of work yet, but the work they have produced plays off rorschach principles, resulting in a more abstract and psychedelic product. This style is pretty unique no matter what community you come from. :: Monster Basement :: Monser Basement made the Halloween theme for the Snerx landing page in 2018 and has been working on the cyberancient aesthetic with us since 2020. Their Giger-esk style is a great compliment to our work, adding an organic feel to the low-fi backdrop. :: Moxtak :: The oldest member after Snax, Mox has produced a lot of assets over the years and has even made a steganography challenge around some of these assets. Their color schemes always create nice contrast and dynamic looking works. Mox was also the originator of the 'technoarchaic' name for this aesthetic. :: Reigarhen :: The resident French artist, with obligatory photography focuses, Reig's work in cyberancientism has been limited but adds nice blends of modern photography with ancient art that has lead to further mixing of mediums in the server. :: Schizoid :: Internal circulation only. :: Snax :: The progenator, Snax has made a lot of a lot. For the cyberancient aesthetic, for pixel art methods, fonts, materials, and methods for others to use, many resources have been made availible through this work. :: Sphlem :: Sphlem is a newer member with a small set of works focusing on ancient busts. Their wallpapers are nice and fit well on vertical screens. :: Sqice :: Sqice has stayed truest to the aesthetic, working on statues and aged photographs almost exclusively. Lots of layered techniques to produce moving images, even the still ones, these always turn out nice. :: Zilvia :: Internal circulation only. :: Source Materials :: Internal circulation only.