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Innawoods & Survival Perpetual Autonomy Kit.FIRE: Lighters(+), fresnel lens, flint+mag, ferro rod, fire tabs, and matches (+). • WATER: Thermos or bladder, water filter(s), purification tabs, and hydration salts. • FOOD: Bars, MREs, long-term, tiny fishing kit(+, +), and snare kit. • Self-contained survival kit(s) are incredibly useful but minimal. • Backpack(s), tac vest(s), pouche(s), and poncho(s). Poncho doubles as tarp. • Field knive(s), tactical knive(s), and sharpening stone(s). • First aid kit(+, +, +, +), mess kit(+, +, +), and dopp kit(+, +). • Multi-tool(s), bit tool, escape tool(+, +, +), axe/hammer, and folding shovel. • Cordage, ziptie(s), duct tape, and carabiner(s). • Duffel bag, dry bag(s), trash bags, ziplocks(+), and compression bag(s). • Bivvi and mat(s) with sleeping bag, or hammock instead of tent. • Topical antibiotic, painkillers, potassium iodide(+), and epinephrine. • Writing pad and pen(+, +), rulers, sewing kit(+), cards, and books. • Headlamp, batteries, glowsticks, and flare(s) or a personal locator beacon. • Portable stove(s), portable solar panel(s), charger(s), and portable printer(s). • Possible snowgear - crampons/gaiters, emergency blanket, and warming packets. • Possible others - blood type marker, shark repellent, geiger counter, and radios. • Anything else would be in a bag carried by your vehichle. Clothing and Miscellaneous.Military Surplus (+, +, +) is a great way to get gear on sale. • Gorka and application-specific shoes are good. • Gloves, belts, plates, surgical masks, and surgical gloves. • Basic hunting guide for small and large game. • YouTube examples of the ideal pack, dailies kit, and car pack. • Concealable containers and NFC tags for marking or dead dropping. • Get a utility watch (+, +, +). • Innawoods game for designing kits and survival loadouts. Self-Sufficient Civilization PS-Survival is a massive currated list of resources for starting from scratch. The Self-Reliance Manifesto -- Homesteading -- Disaster Preparedness Guide Non-hybrid seeds are required for growing renewable crops. Energy collection and storage with a solar kit is useful for longterm survival. Looking at the degeneration of other societies like Bosnia is useful for telling what you actually need to prepare for. Apps for Survival and Offline Edification
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