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:: Firearms Selected by Pricepoint :: Handguns for concealed carry.Taurus Millennium G2 Chambered in 9mm MSRP: $319 USD 12+1 rounds 6.3" long at 22 oz • FNS-9 Compact Chambered in 9mm MSRP: $600 USD 10/12/17+1 rounds 6.7" long at 23.4 oz • Chiappa Rhino 20DS Chambered in 9mm MSRP: $1,089 USD 6-round cylinder 6.5" long at 24 oz Historic and combat-proven rifles for civilian use.Mosin Nagant Chambered in 7.62 ~$400 USD 5 rounds 40-48.5" long at 7.5-9 lbs • SKS Chambered in 7.62 ~$600 USD 10 rounds 40-44" long at 8.5 lbs • XM-15 Standard/MOE (AR15) Chambered in 5.56 MSRP: $1,099 USD 20/30 rounds 34.75" long at 6.57 lbs • Kel-Tec RFB 18 Chambered in .308/7.62 MSRP: $1,929 USD 20/30 rounds 26" long bullpup at 8.1 lbs Accessories and Miscellaneous.Gunbroker for ammunition, scopes, and range finders. • Federal Premium for specific non-cheap ammo. • MAGPUL for the godking of firearms accessories. • Podavach speed loading trays. • Grip Pod vertical grip + bipod combination. • Silencer(s) and cover. :: Technical Knowledge and Standards :: Freedommunitions's ammunition breakdown and guide. Ballistics calculator for munitions and their corresponding firearms. Why some mags are curved. Hickok45's historical overview of US military rifles since 1776. Field Manuals are good sources of information.
:: Innawoods & Survival :: Military Surplus (+, +, +) is a great way to get gear on sale. Gorka and Russian-styled gear also works well. A good field knife or tactical knife is crucial to every survival kit. A dailies kit, car pack, and long-term go-bag. Potassium Iodide pills for radiation protection. Military field manuals work well for basic survivalist information. Innawoods game for designing kits and survival loadouts. :: Military Simulation & War Theory :: The basics of movement through buildings and compounds. :: Self Sufficient Civ :: A lot more will eventually be added to this page.