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Innawoods & Survival Perpetual Autonomy Kit.FIRE: Lighters(+), fresnel lens, flint+mag, ferro rod, fire tabs, and matches (+). • WATER: Thermos or bladder, water filter(s), purification tabs, and hydration salts. • FOOD: Bars, MREs, long-term storage, and tiny fishing kit(s). • MEDICAL: First aid kits(+, +), topical antibiotics, and potassium iodide(+). • Mess kit(+, +), dopp kit(+), sewing kit(+), and maybe survival kit(s). • Backpack(s), dry bags, compression bag(s), and poncho(s). Poncho doubles as tarp. • Field knife, tactical knife(+, +), and sharpening stone(s). • Axe+hammer, folding shovel, multi-tool(s), and escape tools(+, +). • Cordage, carabiner(s), ziptie(s), duct tape, trash bags, and ziplocks(+). • Bivvi and mat(s) with sleeping bag, or hammock instead of tents. • Writing pad and pen(+, +), rulers, cards, and books. • Headlamp, batteries, glowsticks, and flare(s) or a personal locator beacon. • Portable stove(s), portable solar panel(s), charger(s), and portable printer(s). • Possible snowgear - crampons/gaiters, emergency blanket, and warming packets. • Possible others - blood type marker, shark repellent, geiger counter, and radios. • Anything else would be in your vehichle. Clothing and Miscellaneous.Military Surplus (+, +, +) is a great way to get gear on sale. • Gorka and application-specific shoes are good. • Gloves, belts, tac vest(s), plates, surgical masks, and surgical gloves. • Basic hunting guide for small and large game. • YouTube examples of the ideal pack, dailies kit, and car pack. • Concealable containers and NFC tags for marking or dead dropping. • Get a utility watch (+, +, +). • Innawoods game for designing kits and survival loadouts. Apps for Survival and Offline Edification Survival & Reference MaterialsFirst AidOffline Survival ManualMaps (save offline) • SeabookWikipedia (save offline) • WikiHow (save offline) • CompassUseful KnotsTool BoxAlert 5NukeBlastNext Spaceflight UtilitiesIconTorchBarcode ScannerLens / Translate / PhotomathScanner RadioFing / Cellular-Z