Power Simulator -- Updated 2021/5/14
Back to Snerx -- Contact us on our official Discord. ______________________________________________________________________________________ This page is an archive of a game we created three years ago. Some of the tools required to play broke and we have moved on to other things. But it was a cool concept and it could be made again in the future if people wanted to recreate it with tools that aren't broken lol.
:: F.O.B. ::
This is the forward operating base for the Gov-Sim + Mil-Sim + Fin-Sim, "Power-Simulator" project. This project ties together various model or simulative projects into an amalgamated project in order to simulate the broader world for the sake of study and game. This is all done on open, permissionless, decentralized, distributed, cryptographic networks that cannot be censored or shut down. The F.O.B. aims to tie separate and distinct projects together to create a seamless world-sim that you can game to social or monetary benefit- you are directly interacting with other humans in order to play in this sim and you are moving real money to effect this simulated world. I am still editing all this together, updates will come as rolling edits to these initial posts. You can game governments against each other resulting in their implosion and your financial profit. This is a real thing, with users competing with/against each other and to which they can gain or lose monetary value. Some will probably game the game itself (meta) and ultimately implode the system/hosting government as well. To be clear on what exactly this is - I am gamifying the public sphere based on specific components of game-theoretic models and particular distinctions drawn between the public and private spheres in the western world based on Habermasian notions from his book The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere amongst other things like Peter Ludlow's Crypto-Anarchy, Cyberstates, and Pirate Utopias. What this means is that you can spend real United States Dollars, hard earned skrilla, on myriad prediction markets generated and based on a trustless, permissionless, decentralized Nation-State registered on the BitNation platform, as to whether or not certain events will happen in the world. The payout will be a private, or untraceable, cryptocurrency also generated on the same platform to which you will be able to exchange for any other currency, or use to buy anything that your Dollar could otherwise get you. The current project is split into four sections: • The GovSim/Sovereignty operation will be on the BitNation platform. • The MediaSim/News operation will be on the DNN platform. • The MilSim/War operation will be ran on the SquadOps servers. • The FinSim/Trading operation will be on the Augur prediction market. If additional services are required, like the sale and transmission of material goods, we will set up a shop on OpenBazaar.
:: GovSim ::
Becoming intimately familiar with certain functions in game theoretic models of governance will vastly help in understanding how all of this is acheived. • Learning how to game around Arrow's Theorem is crucial to predicting democratic systems. • Pair Arrow's Theorem with this. • Learn how the Nomic game and the general consequences of flat democracies eat themselves. Understanding the fundementals of political theory, how both the ancients and moderns think about this, is essential. • The Republic by Plato. • Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes. • The Social Contract by Jean-Jacques Rousseau. • The Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere by Jürgen Habermas.h • Crypto Anarchy, Cyberstates, and Pirate Utopias by Peter Ludlow.h The technical documentation for BitNation is also wildly useful. Our platform doc is here (and nowhere near finalized).
:: MediaSim ::
:: MilSim ::
We will be using the SquadOps mod for the videogame Squad to do millitary simulation and real-time combat operations in digital space. This is mostly for fun, but this will also have a two-pronged effect on the prediction markets. 1. A market will open for bets to be placed on which team will win each registered operation, creating a sub-market. 2. A market will open for bets to be placed on which real-world event will occur based on which team was assigned to it and won the operation, creating a meta-market. What this means is: 1. You can directly compete in a videogame and win money if your team wins (proportionate to the payouts from the prediction pools). 2. You can directly compete in, and throw, a videogame to win money based on the predicted success values of the Power-Simulator ecosystem (the meta-market). Using SquadOps is tentative and we may move to another game, but even if they don't want this, we can place bets on them nonetheless.
:: FinSim ::
For now, everything will be done through the Augur prediction market. This may occur on the Endor prediction market if it goes public before Augur and the sim is ready to launch. Other options include Cindicator and Gnosis but these are not likely to be used due to their lower security, alternative use options, or delayed release. Every major action of the registered government on the BitNation platform will have an autonomously generated prediction pool opened on Augur by which you can bet on the outcome directly. The betting will be directly tied to your citizenship account so you can be awarded ERC20 tokens as points for your character in the sim. These tokens are ERC20 compliant and so can be traded and sold like any other 0x-protocol or Ethereum token. This means they are a full-featured cryptocurrency and can be frictionlessly interchanged with any other currency, digital or fiat. This will itself allow for secondary markets to buy and sell in-game 'points' for sim characters, to create leverage on the prediction markets. This leads to a meta-game of swaying market prediction averages to either hedge against bad bets or create larger odds for winners. This effect will compound since winning consistently will allow for more leverag each time. This problem will then extend to the broader prediction market, and allow for throwing of all pools outside our sim. Because of this, our registered government will also be using Augur to place bets and will be intentionally trying to throw prediction markets using the artificially inflated value of its own currency as leverage over said markets. If successful, this will collapse all markets systematically.
:: How to Rule the World Without Leaving Your Armchair ::
BitNation's whitepapers outline the same points that Snov outlined prior to their inception on the same forums they posted their ANN on (may have been influenced by Snov), but they don't seem to be aware of the problems that this kind of system creates. Snov anticipated many problems with this system, specifically with gaming it, that BitNation doesn't seem to be considering (see whitepaper). Don't get me wrong, what they've done is impressive, "the world’s first blockchain marriage, birth certificate, refugee emergency ID, World Citizenship, DBVN Constitution and more. The website proof-of-concept, including the blockchain ID and Public Notary, is used by tens of thousands of Bitnation Citizens and Embassies around the world." The problem however is that you can arbitrarily generate citzenship profiles within the same digital nation on their platform (and any platform that is ever created like this), meaning that you can be counted a hundred times during a vote if you registered a hundred profiles. All someone has to do (read: what I am actively doing) is register a nation/government on their platform, have the constitution be set up like a ransomware message, have the government's primary autonomous functionality be the generation of citizens disproportionately inside other nations registered on the platform, systematically sway votes for laws that were also autonomously generated by the ransomware government, laws designed to implode said nations, and then literally hold entire nation-states ransom with the citizens as bargaining chips. Something something ipso facto now my digital government owns all the citizens of all the other digital governments. This would be very difficult to execute of course, but difficulty has never stopped comedy.