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Eventually this page will have a life-chart where every day is represented by a block, exactly like github's contribution graph (+), and you will be able to API hook into things like RescueTime, arbtt, Notion, Obsidian, and Habitica to create a visual and interactive map of life events, habits, and sleep. We may also include automation and productivity methods we've developed as well with things like IFTTT and Toggl Track on top of arbtt/RescueTime. This was inspired in part by quantified-self blogs like Stephan Wolfram's, Deniz Cem Onduygu's, and Bryan Johnson's where they systematically track large amounts of data about themselves for the sake of self-knowledge and study.

Sleep is for the Strong

Sleep is the most important component of your health, both physical and mental. Even naps significantly boost cognitive performance. If you believe in improving the quality of your experiences on average, the greater majority of all experiences that are emotionally intense occur while you're asleep, making sleep the place where you stand to improve your psychology most drastically. Not to mention it directly combats anxiety and depression.

If you get the proper 7-9 hours of sleep daily, or my personally recommended 10, it takes up at least a third of your life. There is no reason this time should be considered wasted and maximizing the use of this time through cognitive triggers that allow for lucidity during dreams as well as supplementation to increase the vividity of dreamstates and retention of their memory has proven to be a huge benefit additional to normal uninterupted sleep.

Sleep serves as a grounds for creative exploration not possible in waking life; a powerful creative tool that goes entirely unused by most. The dreamworld is a place to work on real-world problems using tools that could not possibly exist in waking life. I often work on mechanical problems in my dreams and then implement their solutions when I wake up. The work for about half of the projects on this site was done entirely in my sleep with no work done on them during waking life; the exception being that I still have to type it out when I wake up. But either way, it would be fair to say I do the majority of my work while completely asleep.

Some tools that are available when fully lucid during sleep sessions include things like: concepts and their relations as physically interactive objects, direct interfacing with emotions as tangible entities, places and locations have their own separate and independent emotive states you can interface with, and the regularity or irregularity of persons, places, or narratives can be used to free your cognitive choices as typified concept-paths, permanently augmenting your mental dispositions.

Ways to make it easier to engage these tools while asleep and take their useful outputs with you into waking life: strengthening your working memory using something like dual-N-back training, memory-enhancing nootropics like the ones listed in the noots section of this page, logic puzzles, clinical neuro-feedback sessions, sensory deprivation, or layering the Ganzfeld effect all help strengthen these sleep tools. A couple fairly universal ways to become lucid during dream sessions are using constant but soothing background noise like from non-verbal music or ASMR and timed audio sequences queued to go off five or six hours into your sleep cycle.

Myelination & Internal Clock Speed

Myelination increases when you learn things through rote memorization, through working on logic puzzles, or conceptual puzzles for long periods of time (several hours in one sitting). The second option is a much quicker method for noticeable gains. Mass-myelination of your brain can reduce perceptual chunk-time from an average of ~80ms down to ~30ms. This is like if the tick-speed of a server was noticeably shifted. Additionally, mass-myelination increases neural 'bandwidth' to some extent, which can be thought of as casting a fishing net out of your mental boat at the same speed as normal but using a gradually bigger net, allowing you to catch bigger conceptual fish.

These properties stack for what I believe allows a faster 'internal clock speed' of your brain. Not only do you experience more but you experience faster. In this sense you mentally mature faster since you are experiencing more per second than most people. For this reason myelination becomes critical for accelerating mental growth and being able to get advanced cognitive labor finished substantially faster, or even in many cases having the cognitive capacity for consuming and understanding complex conceptual problems in reasonable amounts of time. This is like cognitive load theory; pulling your mind in many directions from early childhood has the greatest affect on this biological process, making renaissance education a crucial necessity for advanced mental abilities later in life; the earlier you try to accelerate this process the better.

The myelination process can be aided by some of the nootropics listed below as well as dual-n-back training (the effects of DNB may be null). I have also seen similar advantages from spaced repition memory training using tools like Mnemosyne & Anki.

Noots & Shrooms

Most nootropics should be thought of simply as nutritional supplements for things you are deficient in. A quick way to get a rough estimate of what you are deficient in is to answer the questions in the second section of the Braverman assessment. Pre-made nootropic stacks from popular sources include Neuro, Onnit, and Host Defense.
Standard Stack
       Name       |   Dosage   | Time of Day |         Effects
• Alpha GPC       | 300-600 mg | Morning     | Choline, neuroprotection, +
• ALCAR           | 1-2 grams  | Morning     | Choline, antioxidant, +
• Noopept         | 10-30 mg   | Throughout  | Neurogenesis, memory, mood, +
• Phenylpiracetam | 100-400 mg | Morning     | Focus, anti-fatigue, +
• Modafinil       | 100-200 mg | Morning     | Wakefulness, anti-sleep
• Fish Oil        | 1.5 grams  | Night       | Neuroprotection, inflammation, +
• Ginkgo Biloba   | 200-500 mg | Morning     | General cognition, sleep, +

Medicinal Stack
       Name       |   Dosage   | Time of Day |         Effects
• Lion's Mane     | 500 mg     | Any         | Neurogenesis, neuroprotection, +
• NR / NAD+       | 250 mg     | Night       | Mitochondrial repair, anti-aging
• Glycine         | 3 grams    | Night       | Sleep quality, many others
• Oxiracetam      | 1 gram     | Throughout  | Brain trauma, creativity, +
• Reishi          | 2-5 grams  | Any         | Immune system, anti-tumor, +
• Creatine        | 5 grams    | Any         | Neuroprotective, anti-fatigue, +

Mood Regulation
       Name       |   Dosage   | Time of Day |         Effects
• Bacopa Monnieri | 300 mg     | Morning     | Stress regulation, memory, +
• 5-HTP + L-tryp  | 300-500 mg | Night       | Sleep quality, mood enhancement.
• Cordyceps       | 1-3 grams  | Any         | Stress, testosterone regulator

Supplimentation & Dermals

If you didn't have to eat or sleep, you wouldn't, and since you don't have to spend time preparing healthy meals, you shouldn't. Time is money, and so if you spend it on something that doesn't turn you profit, you're wasting both.

Serious Mass - Industry standard weight gainer with lots of extras.
Multivitamin - Great traditional nutrient supplement.
Sakara - Nootropic chocolates; good for calories and cognition, but expensive.
H-Proof - Alchohol and toxin mitigation and recovery.

Dermals are incredibly useful for delivery of nutrients or other compounds that would otherwise be difficult to steadily propagate throughout your body. We often use dermal patches like the ones listed below as weak or make-shift anti-toxin boosters or as light drug/poison mitigation for stalling hospital visits. They are also convenient since they are easily hidden and offer passive resistance to myriad problems concerning items ingested or injected.

Redee - Alcohol clense, anti-toxin, and immune system boost.
CBD - Helps mitigate pain and a large host of other problems; lasts 3 days.
B-Phenylethylamine - Powerful stim, doses >2g risky, otherwise very safe.

A More Difficult Game

Dual-N-back games/training are interesting but they're not directly unto themselves any kind of practical skill other than a memory enhancer. If the visual part of the DnB training was a simple math equation that you had to solve and the audio part of the DnB training was replaced by the answer to the equation, then by solving maths and hitting the visual/audio buttons in relation to whether you used the same method to solve as two prompts ago and whether you got the same answer as two prompts ago respectively, you are still performing dual-n-back training but also improving mental calculation skills.

This makes the game insanely more difficult, but you could do this with really repetitive cognitive skills and train lots of different things at the same time. Added benefits to this include lateral connection making in your brain getting substantially boosted and any lack of direct myelination in DnB training is now buffered by training the other skills.

There is a Limitless pill, but it's not a pill, it's a game, and we're implementing it into the work we do on our Discord server. More about this will be posted whenever that project gets closer to being finished.