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Light Cipher Translation Tools
patois - Simple term replacer made for our Discord and Twitter.
retarded - Simple term replacer made for our Discord.
Slaniryzx - Homophonic cipher made in 2015 for the Indigo Children steg puzzle that no longer exists.
DogeTranslator - Javascript adaptation of the prior translator made to get away from the fear of Flash/Actionscript.
DogeTranslator.swf - The original flash version of the doge translator.
Duck Translator v2.swf - Simple term replacer made for a forum a few years ago.

English Contractions for Bad Obfuscation
Pre and post I'dn't've's.
  I would = I'd, and would not = wouldn't, so I would not = I'dn't. I'ven't is also a valid contraction in this configuration. Shouldn't've, wouldn't've, and couldn't've show us we can add have as 've. Should not = shouldn't, and should have = should've, so should not have = shouldn't've. Just the same, I would not have = I'dn't've.
  With affixatives we can turn it into a noun, like saying something was pre-i'dn't've versus post-i'dn't've. And as a noun with number, or what we call plurality, that means we have suffixes too, like a group of I'dn't've's.
  This is useful for lightly obfuscating text, e.g., "I'm in my post-i'dn't've's with girls from the bar now."

Spoken Ciphers
We may eventually host the Binesi project on this page. Binesi is a spoken cipher akin to Pig Latin, but is easier to learn than Pig Latin and much more difficult to decipher and works in the vast majority of languages. This makes Binesi very powerful, and while we use/speak it on our Discord server, part of its usefulness comes from the fact that outsiders don't understand it, so we probably won't ever make the full project public. For now, the syllabary used is shown below.