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Macro-Analysis and Research Abstracts and Country Cloche.CSIS - Overviews of current happenings with contemporary political theory. • CIA World Factbook - Constantly updated abstracts of every nation on the planet. • ODNI's Global Trends 2040 report. Historical Geopolitical Research and Overviews.Our World in Data - Research and data visualization. • World Bank Open Data - Free and open access to global development data. World Bank's search page for country overviews. The World Bank's databases. World development indicators. International debt statistics. • Transparency International - Corruption perceptions index for 2017. • OCCRP - Organized crime and corruption reporting project. • Data USA - Research and data visualization of America. • Data Africa - Research and data visualization of Africa. • OECD - Factbook of economic, environmental, and social statistics. • Democracy Index - For 2006-2017. • PISA - Education rankings by country. • UCR - The FBI's uniform crime reporting program. Historical Economic Research and Overviews.Observatory of Economic Complexity - Data visualization of international trade. OEC's Economic Complexity Rankings of countries. OEC's Atlas of Economic Complexity, research on ECI by country. • Quiver Quantitative - Tracks the insider trading of congress. • Economic Freedom Index - Breakdown of economic stewardship by country. • Doing Business - Yearly reports by the World Bank. • WEC's 2020 Global Competitiveness Report. • US Bureau of Labor Statistics - Breakdowns of pay, incentives, growth, and more. CPI Inflation Calculator and the Truflation dashboard. • TradingEconomics - Breakdown of economic inidcators, markets, and forecasts. • Landmatrix - Transnational land deals and visual map. • Global Financial Data Finaeon - Research and deep-data analysis web-end. GFD's global history of currencies. • Market24hClock - the operating hours of every major exchange and market overlayed. • FinVis - Data visualization for stocks, ETFs, and forex. • World Debt Clock - Visualization of all world debt. • Coin360 - Data visualization for cryptocurrencies similar to FinVis. • Bloomberg Billionaires - Realtime tracking of the top 500 billionaires. MilSim. • List of all current armed conflicts on the planet. • Global Militarization Index. • Total counts of military personnel by country. • Total counts of military equipment by country. • West Point's atlas' of war - Maps of major invasions and battles. • List of countries and dependencies by number of police officers. • Simple visualization for the number of nukes each country has. • Nuclear stewardship and deterrence. • List of military branches by country. Miscellaneous.TheBlackVault - Every document released under the Freedom of Information Act. • Filteries - Superior to traditional 2D political grids and things like 8values. • Awesome OSINT - Curated list of open-source intelligence tools and resources. • Global Terrorism Database - for up-to-date terrorist events around the world. • IntelTechniques - OSINT training and resources. • NorseCorp - Research on the global distribution of cyberattacks. • Optimized Listening - Visualization and forecasting of news and social media. • SpaceBook & - Realtime 3D maps of objects in orbit. • They Rule - flash-based corperate and governmental connections. • WBAD - Global birthrate and deathrate simulation. Visual Resources ECON All The World's Exchanges (2016) All The World's Money And Markets (2015) All The World's Money And Markets (2017) American Debt Clock (realtime) America's Federal Budget (2016) America's Wealth Distribution (2011) The 50 Wealthiest Individuals (2016) GEO American Radio Freqeuncy Allocations (2016) European Unemployment (2017) Haplogroups The English Speaking World The True Size of landmasses. World Population Growth (humanity is a bubble) World Population Growth Projections (1950-2050) True universal timescales. MIL American Base Distribution American Base Notes American Combat Vehicles American Military Spending + Deployment Drone Survival Guide (PNG mirror) Ranks: American Military And Paygrades NATO Military Spending (2017) Ranks: Air Force Ranks: Army Ranks: Navy