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The Bitcoin website and Original White Paper written by Satoshi Nakamoto. The total number of Bitcoins that will ever exist is hard-coded into the software at ~21 million BTC. These 21 million BTC are divisible down to 8 decimal places, providing for about 2.1 quadrillion transactable units of the currency. The smallest unit, 0.00000001 BTC, is called a 'Satoshi'. FAQs about cryptocurrencies and financial terms and crypto lingo. Jameson Lopp has created a document similar to this one, worth checking out. Andreas Antonopoulos on the JRE podcast, this is a layman's explanation of all the workings of the invention of Bitcoin. Arguments for why Bitcoin is the greatest advancement in currency ever. Tuur Demeester at the 2013 Bitcoin conference debunking myths. Andreas giving a talk on Bitcoin's scalability qua the Lightning Network. An advanced video description of how Bitcoin works under the hood. More detailed descriptors of how the Bitcoin ecosystem works. :: Wallets by Order of Market Cap on 2018/5/18 :: 1. BTC Bitcoin wallets, and phone wallet. Their official IRC and forums. -> Download the Electrum wallet instead if you don't want to sync 150GB+ of data. 2. ETH Ethereum wallets and their official forums. 3. XRP Ripple and their official forums. 4. BCH Bitcoin Cash wallets and their official forums. 5. EOS EOS and their official forums. 6. LTC Litecoin wallets and their official IRC and forums. 7. ADA Cardano wallets and their official forums. 8. XLM Stellar wallets and their official forums. 9. IOTA IOTA's website and official forums. 10. TRX TRON's website and their official forums. * TRON is overtly a scamcoin, how do so many people fall for garbage like this? Setting up your bitcoin wallet (tutorial). After your wallet finishes syncronizing, make sure you encrypt it. Also make sure you backup your wallet (private keys) and save a copy somewhere else. Exodus stores most major crypto in one wallet and has ShapeShift built in. :: Blockchain Explorers :: is the de facto Bitcoin blockchain explorer. Cryptoid has over a hundred altcoins. Etherscan for Ethereum (and some of their statistical data). Ripple's official live explorer (and some of their statistical data). Bitcoin's top 100 richest wallets. Blockchair has customizable stats and visuals for BTC, BCH, and ETH. :: Cold Storage and Vanity :: How to make Paper Wallets and Cold Storage. BitAddress, an address & private key generator for new wallets & cold storage. WarpWallet, don't need to store the priv key if you remember your passphrase. VanityGen lets you generate a vanity address securely (on your desktop). BitcoinVanityGen is easier to use (web generator), but not as secure. :: Exchange Markets by Order of 30-Day Volume from Bitcoincharts :: 1. bitFlyer - Japanese exchange market. 2. GDAX - American exchange market, owned by Coinbase. 3. Bitstamp - American exchange market. 4. Kraken - European exchange market. 5. Coincheck - Japanese exchange market with lending and merchant services. Gemini - For buying and selling BTC and ETH. Bisq - Decentralized, P2P, Tor-routed bitcoin exchange platform. InDEX - Comprehensive list of 200 decentralized exchanges. BitMEX - 100x leverage on Bitcoin and Altcoin contracts. LocalBitcoins - Buy/Sell with people in your area using any kind of method. :: Ease and Efficiency Tools :: Shift Card, a BTC debit card like Xapo, lets you use Bitcoin anywhere now. ShapeShift lets you instantly transfer from one cryptocurrency to the next. Changelly, Evercoin, and Uphold are ShapeShift alternatives. Coinpayments allows for all kinds of merchant tools and alt-coin trades. BitcoinTaxes for calculating capital gains on all your bitcoins and altcoins. :: Miners and Mining :: Bitmain is the largest ASIC hardware manufacturer and distributor currently. Antpool is Bitmain's miner pool and is one of the largest on the planet. Hashnest is Bitmain's hashpower-buying site. Difficulty and profit calculators. Thank you for flying Air-Snerx.
My notes and data tables on Bitcoin's growth & projected true price per coin. The three economic eras of Bitcoin hardcoded into it and potential hyperbitcoinization. Why you should buy bitcoin to hedge against global economic collapse. The CFTC issued a warning about ICOs and P&D schemes. What proof of work (PoW) is. What proof of stake (PoS) is. What proof of importance (PoI) is; this may be inherently unfair. What proof of storage is. :: Services and Goods :: OpenBazaar is a truly free online decentralized marketplace (comprehensive list). Bitmessage is a decentralized email and encrypted communications protocol. BitNation is digital governance architecture; Aragon is a digital jurisdiction platform. Sentinel and Mysterium are decentralized VPNs. Augur, Endor, Cindicator, and Gnosis are forecasting and prediction markets. Shift is a decentralized webhost utilizing IPFS. Namecoin wallets and what Namecoin does for DNS. ZeroNet is a decentralized webhost built on top of Bitcoin and Namecoin. AngelList's cryptocurrency and blockchain-based job openings. Poor man's copyright on the Bitcoin blockchain using proof of existence. DocStamp is a similar proof of existence notary but on the Ethereum blockchain. C4 is a consortium for cryptocurrency certification. Cellarius is a transmedia cyberpunk franchise that leverages blockchain technology. :: Crypto News and RSS Feeds :: CoinTelegraph is the largest journalistic news source for crypto. CoinDesk is another journalistic news source for crypto. The DNN is aiming to be the first decentralized news network, secured by game theory. Sapien is an open data marketplace like Akasha. :: Analysis and Trade Tools :: CoinMarketCap - Crypto list by current market caps. CoinCap - Crypto list by current market caps. Coin360 - Visualization of all current market caps. WorldCoinIndex - Crypto list by 24-hour trade volume. CryptoCompare - Crypto list by 24-hour trade volume. CoinGecko - Crypto list by weighted rankings of market metrics. CRIX - Crypto index from CoinGecko. BVI - Bitcoin Volatility Index. CryptoCoinCharts - Current cross-currency exchange rates. CryptoCoinCharts - Current arbitrage opportunities. TradingView's cryptocurrency market analysis. What Bitcoin Days Destroyed are and how they show level of genuine activity. BitcoinAverage for the mean amalgamation of this-second exchange prices. Gdoc for global values of assets, including Bitcoin and cryptocurrency totals. Gdoc of a logistic price chart showing bitcoin on its way to $1,000,000 USD. Gini coefficient for Bitcoin (wealth distribution metrics). :: Historical and Reference Data :: Archive of cypherpunk and cryptocurrency literature. Visual history of all cryptocoinage since bitcoin's inception. List of all the dead altcoins, you get to see how much failure there is. History of all major Bitcoin heists and Bitcoin related thefts. History of Bitcoin's academic pedigree. All possible private key & address pairs (greater then the # of atoms in the universe). TP's Go bitcoin tests if you want to reverse engineer your private keys. :: Useful APIs ::'s API documentation. Coinbase's API documentation. ShapeShift's API documentation. :: Miscellaneous Coins and Platforms of Note :: Filecoin and their technical documentation. Skycoin is an alternative framework to IPFS and Filecoin. Zcash is a high-mcap successful version of Shadowcash. SALT is a lending/loan platform for leveraging crypto-assets. Decentraland is a VR platform where you can by finite plots of land in cyberspace; scam-ish. 0x is the protocol that allows for ERC20 tokens being traded on the Ethereum blockchain. Nxt was the first real 2nd gen coin.