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Impulse arrested spills over. This page contains info relevant to the erotic content shared by members on our Discord server. Most of this is used for steganography and jokes, but this page also contains links and tools useful for navigating sexually explicit content in general. This page will grow as tools and relevant content get discussed on the Discord.

4chan gallery mode wg - browser extension that helps in going through chan thread content substantially faster.
calcSD - a penis percentile calculator with lots of extra info; good for literal dick measuring contests. - AI art models; the NSFW section is leagues better than imo. - public archive of OnlyFans content. - guides for erotic technology.
DeepCreamPy - decensoring hentai with deep neural networks.
imgbrd-grabber - imageboard/booru downloader with GUI that lets you grab thousands of photos at a time. - public archive of content from Patreon, Pixiv, Gumroad and others. - wallpaper scrapper; pick the "Adult+Sketchy" filter in the options to see a live list of all sexual content being posted across major chan and wallpaper sites. - AI-generated adult imagery, it's hit-or-miss but the hits are strong.
ScriptPlayer - video player that controls the syncronization of toys like the Fleshlight Launch.
Stable Diffusion - AI-generated images using an open version of the DALL-e engine. This is currently the most powerful AI image generation tool availible to the public and can be used to produce incredibly realistic erotic content from any prompt you desire. Here's an installation and usage guide for those curious as well as prompt engineering tools.
Vorze - the ultimate in coom technology.