Snork -- Version 0.1.6 -- Updated 2017/1/31
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:: Universal A Priori Bridge Language ::
Snork is an a-priori language architecture based on the unit circle whose formatting orientation allows it to be read from any direction. It makes bridging aesthetic languages easier and creates an objective mathematical basis (constant and average numerical values) for all languages converted. It's also the first universal primary a-priori bridge language, a lingua franca, due to it's format morphing and multifunction uses. I am completely open to edits and revisions of the language rules and base character design. All the character design is based on common naturally and mathematically occurring shapes found in our universe, so they are to be more easily recognized by any non-human species that analyzes them. The characters' orientation about their local origins is based on common radian angle measurements starting from 1/2 pi and rotating at any increments of 1/4 pi (45 degree rotations). This means every compound character will have a definite trigonometric value (unless undefined). Averaging out all the sine values of every word translated from English compared to every word translated from Japanese would provide interesting, if not useful, information about the languages. Speaking of English to Japanese, the read-directions and orientation of the characters in Snork are dynamic. It can be read from left to right, right to left, top to bottom, or bottom to top. There is an orientation symbol used to distinguish which direction is the primary direction to read from and which direction is secondary. This makes formatting more trivial and easier to manipulate. Talks have arisen about removing the definite North-South orientation and eliminating the radian measures altogether so the language can be read upsidown and backwards, so formating becomes much more trivial and allows for an even more universal understanding of the language. This will probably be integrated, while retaining certain trig measurements so definite mathematical values can still be ascertained. This will be a useful linguistic research tool if not a powerful use of language itself. This architecture will be a means by which to create a language that is not merely objective in its ties to mathematics, but objective in all its assertions, as it will be integrated with our other project on formal logic, making this language a perfect tool for philosophy and efficient thought (as hopefully upon larger adoption people will be thinking in this objective language). This makes it an invaluable tool for humanity and one that we may ought to need if contact with other intelligent life is to occure sometime in the future. The original project outline for Snork is here. ====================================================================================== There are no spaces or punctuation insertions that break character flow. Instead, grammatical formatting hangs off the top & bottom, or left & right sides of the character flow. Here's a few pictures of older versions of all this stuff - That same text can be read this way as well-