:: Species ::
Species in Snuff can be thought of like 'races' in other games. There are five known space-faring species in the EPW universe. All other species are categorized as tamable species of utility (pets) and assorted other flora or fauna, some of which are hostile by default. Pets can be thought of as 'familiars' and hostile flora/fauna can be thought of as 'mobs' or monster characters.

:: Sub-species ::
Sub-species in Snuff can be thought of as sub-races in other games, although the same three sub-species are available for every species in Snuff. Your sub-species is determined by the kind of 'blood' you carry.

:: Alternative Species ::
There are other intelligent species in the Snuff universe that players can use for character creation. Their social status in the universe is generally considered the same as the five main species but they are encountered far less due to their evolutionary histories or relations to the main species. Despite lack of broader social or cultural diffusion they are still treated as first-class citizens, although their rarity may draw attention on some planets.

:: Sex ::
The species of the universe are varied and diverse in their biological predications. This is true of the intelligent species just the same. While some intelligent organisms in the Snuff universe are birthed artificially in labs, sex is still possible and allows organisms to create special relations to each other in the form of genetic closeness called a family. Families get additional stat modifications when their members are within 30m of each other. If you mate with another player or NPC, the number of offspring you have depends on your species. Once you have offspring, everyone directly related to you including your mate gains advantage on all rolls against non-family members within the same range for a minute after you see a member attacked. This ability can only be used once per rest. In later versions of Snuff, mating will be the only way to generate new invite codes for new users to join the game and their first character will be the direct offspring of this process.