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The Snerx Strip Cipher coded by OdiliTime from this outline. Your visibile IP address (will probably display as IPv6). An old cipher that served as the basis for dynamic set arrangement used in Sniph. An old wardriving pack from Ross Paz lol.
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/adventures - Old cringy blog on internet culture. /curl - The cURL plaintext landing page for Snerx. /EPW4preview.pdf - Nine-year-old game document. /kos - Game theory stuff. /metarepository - Things I used to think were funny. /music - Genre classification system. /slavecoin - Joke cryptocurrency page. /smarx - Old page outlining a crypto index and its code. /sniph - The old landing page for Sniph. /spoiler - A Discord spoiler spammer made for laughs. SUX - An ERC20 token created as a joke. /TABG - Stat table we made for the game Totally Accurate Battlegrounds. /team - Our old team page. /unturned - Hash value replacements for Unturned.