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Your visibile IP address. Our old cipher (dynamic set arrangement). Our new cipher (scalable N-dimensional cipher). Wardriving pack. Our team page.
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adventures - Cringy blog on internet culture. curl - The cURL plaintext landing page for Snerx. DogeTranslator.swf - The original flash version of the doge translator. Duck Translator v2.swf - Simple character replacement made for a specific forum. EPW4preview.pdf - Six year old game document. kos - Game theory stuff. metarepository - Things I used to think were funny. music - Genre classification system. non-non-disclosure - Random page. smarx - Old page outlining a crypto index and its code. sniph - The old landing page for Sniph. SUX - An ERC20 token generated as a joke. unturned - Hash value replacements for Unturned. vidya - Resources for our steam group.