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WrongThink is a pseudo-anonymous imageboard and social network that favors protocols over services. The site is a fusion of fully-anonymous IB posting and vanity-based user profiles like normal SM but without the advertising, predatory addictive design, or dark patterns. We default to anonymity instead of identity-based posting because anonymity counters vanity; it places the raw value of user content above user identity.

Common Imageboard Features
— JavaScript support is not required.
— You can post anonymously, there is no login required.
— NSFW/18+ areas are allowed, separate from normal boards.
— Clear permission hierarchy: Admins / Globals / Board Owners / Janitors.
— There are lots of settings afforded to admins, individual boards, and user accounts.
— Oembed interoperability for media embeds from YouTube, Vimeo, Bitchute, and other sites.
— Boards are user-created, have thumbnails, banners, logs, stats, and flags, as well as standard post reporting options.

Unique Features
— Direct messaging.
— Dynamic post / thread limits.
— Dedicated userboards act as profile pages.
— Discord-like reacts on posts; full emoji support.
— Disapearing messages and timer-based posts like Snapchat.
— You can delete thread OPs while leaving the thread replies intact.
— You can favorite boards and this acts like a subscription to a feed.
— 12 site themes built-in and there is a tool so users can make their own.
— You can share other's threads onto your own board, like reposting on Twitter.
— Threads can be made into playlists, pulling all media links and embeds together.
— We use a unique form of distributed moderation that is game-theoretically secure.
— Board achievements, board stats, auto-determined board tagging, and board groups.
— We use keypairs for account logins; no passwords or hashes are stored on the server.
— SSH, IRC, IMAP/POP3 connectors, RSS import/filtering/export, NNTP servers, and Mastodon client connections are planned.

Site Experiments
— Thread reader.
— Boards can favorite other boards.
— Reports auto-spoiler images in a post.
— Country ball as flags and time-zone tags.
— OP-only threads (useful on profile pages).
— User ratings/reviews (community-derived social credit score).
— Possible currency integration (issuance derived from a buy-in).
— One-way blocking instead of typical anti-social two-way blocking.

Double-Plus Architecture
— Modern PHP code base.
— Works on shared hosting.
— Designed to operate in only 3 pieces.
— Modular, easy to make changes to the code.
— Frontend serves HTML, backend serves JSON, and storage serves JSON/Media/HTML.
— Uses Imagemagick to make CAPTCHAs.
— You can run multiple instances of the frontend if needed.
— We've licensed jschan's responsive HTML/CSS/JS under an MIT license and increased CSS readability as well as backported some of the JS to support older browsers.
— Uses ffmpeg to create thumbnails.
— Can talk to mobile and native clients directly.
— Works with MySQL/MariaDB or PostgreSQL.
— Background work queue to offload slow tasks.
— Supports 4chan API and partial Lynxchan API.
— Multiple storage servers can be utilized if disk space or bandwidth start to run low.
Router Design
— Modules can provide new routes, forms, customizations, and database tables.
— Modules describe themselves using data structures to give metadata about how they connect into the system's pipelines.
— Additional code is lazy loaded on demand to keep core system lean and nimble; millions of routes could be available but only the path it needs is loaded.