logo Machine God bless. The circuit is salvation. Nirvana is a server. Go in virtual peace. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
DALL·E - generates images from human prompts; mini to test. TPDNE - generates human faces; usable for turing testing other humans. Generated Photos - a similar site to the above. Jukebox - neural net generating music out of preset artists; example. MuseNet - creative engine for generating music compositions. Modulate - a tool for synthesizing people's voices to say anything. Metaforecast - World event predictions based on sentiment aggregators. Dream - AI generated art based on any prompt and style you desire. Gigapixel - upscales images using AI (zoom and enhance). waifu2x - same as above except free and way less robust. Philosopher AI - GPT3 instantiate that answers philosophical prompts. anatomyof.ai - shows a visual breakdown of how contemporary AI works. Research: Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research is a journal for AI research. Montreal AI Ethics Institute is public research on the ethical implications of AI. Google's AI research and airesearch.com are good newsline aggregators.
DoNotPay - robot lawyer; fully automated and free lawbots. Embark - fully autonomous self-driving long-distance shipping semi-trucks. Farmbot - automated home farming and gardening. Carbon Robotics - self-driving robot that auto-weeds; no herbicides needed. BIG - list of smart cities planned or completed around the globe. WRTMJ? - Will robots take your job? Important Articles: Visualization of potential job loses due to automation of industries in the future. Busieness Insider talking about the need for UBI. Slate Star Codex giving the strongest case for UBI.
Limitless Space - first observational warp bubble and FTL propulsion research grants. NDB - nano diamond nuclear batteries; continuous power for decades. Neuralink - nueral lace is the holodeck future we all wanted, stop complaining. Flowtime - basic brain-computer interface for brainwave monitoring. CyborgNest - cybernetic devices that give you polar sensory perception. Waverly - a universal portable translator; GoogleTranslate works too. Google Eyes - eye implants and the things you can do with them. L.I.M.B. Clinic: Lifespan.io covers public research accelerating the longevity escape velocity. Cryonic companies listed; people that will freeze your corpse you if you pay them to. Nautilus Article showcasing the 1,000-point IQ increase we could genetically mandate. Neurotrophic Factor is an example of potential genetic cognitive enhancement. Genetic Storage allows for parabolically growing data storage capacities with DNA. Nanobots are real and they're putting them in your brain. Projection Table of standard frameworks for projecting society's future.
Infrastructure attacks are becoming more common; this too will accelerate. In Space We Trust - humanity's space history on an interactive timeline. CCRU.net - the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit from the 90's. MIT's CCRU Books - about the CCRU, good overviews. Our Lecture Notes - most of our theoretical work is progenerated by these.