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All of the following are books, short stories, journal papers, patents, lectures, talks, internal works, sites, or blogs that have been referenced in Diogenesis lectures or used as resources on our server. Arxiv: access to preprints of almost every significant STEM paper. PhilPapers: access to millions of humanities papers. Springer: free access to a bunch of academic journals. IOP Journals: access to over 100 STEM journals. IET Journals: access to over 200 STEM journals. NASA: every research project they've ever funded. LibreTexts: free textbooks for major subjects. Academic Torrents: large paper dumps, datasets, and course repos. Cypherpunk/crypto-anarchist: curated collection of cypherpunk research and work.
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Abelson & SussmanStructure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
Acerbi, et al.Regulatory Traits: Cultural Influences on Cultural Evolution
ActronsRichard Stallman’s Disjoined Realism And Frozen Belief System
ActronsThe Concerns of a Surveillance State Within a Market Economy
Adorno, TheodorThe Culture Industry
Agar, NicholasWhy is it Possible to Enhance Moral Status and why Doing so is Wrong?
Alcubierre, MiguelThe Warp Drive: Hyper-Fast Travel Within General Relativity
Alimohammadi, et al.Effect of Chronic Noise Exposure on Aggressive Behavior ...
Anders, GeoffThe Transformations of Science
Anderson & AndersonMachine Ethics
Andreessen, MarcWhy AI Will Save the World
Ango, StephanPhotoshop for Text
Antonopolous, AndreasAll the Ships are Sinking
Antonopolous, AndreasEscaping the Global Banking Cartel
Antonopolous, AndreasMoney As A System Of Control
Antonopolous, AndreasSeparation of Money and State
Antonopolous, AndreasThe Price of Losing Privacy
Antonopolous, AndreasWorse Than Useless: Financial Surveillance
AristotleOrganon & Physics
AristotleThe Nicomachean Ethics
Arnopoulos, ParisProlegomena to Problemology: a Definition of Social Problems
Arvidsson-Shukur & BarnesQuantum Counterfactual Communication Without a Weak Trace (+)
Barandes, Jacob A.The Stochastic-Quantum Correspondence
Belangia, SherwoodWhat Is Mimetic Thoery?
Black, MaxThe Identity of Indescernibles
Blackford & BroderickPhilosophy's Future: The Problem of Philosophical Progress
Blackman, JoshWhat Happens if Data is Speech?
Blow, JonathanHow an Operating System Should Work
Blow, JonathanPreventing the Collapse of Civilization
Blow, JonathanSocial Media Damages your Brain and Sabotages your Potential
Blow, JonathanThe Problem with Online Communities
Blow, JonathanVideo Games and the Future of Education
Bobrick & MartireIntroducing Physical Warp Drives
Boneh & ShoupGraduate Course in Applied Cryptography
BorgesThe Library Of Babel
Boslaugh, DavidNo Damned Computer Is Going To Tell Me What To Do
Bostrom, NickAstronomical Waste ... Delayed Technological Development
Bostrom, NickSuperintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies
Bostrom, NickThe Fable of the Dragon-Tyrant
Bostrom, NickThe Future of Human Evolution
Bostrom, NickThe Vulernerable World Hypothesis
Bracciolini, PoggioFacetiae
Branwen, GwernIt Looks Like You're Trying to Take Over the World
Branwen, GwernPlastination versus Cryonics
Branwen, GwernThe Scaling Hypothesis
Branwyn, GarethCyberpunk Manifesto
Brassier, RayAlien Theory: the Decline of Materialism in the Name of Matter
Brassier, RayNihil Unbound: Enlightenment and Extinction
Brin, DavidThe Transparent Society
Brown, et al. (Open AI)Language Models are Few-Shot Learners
Bruce & BarboneJust the Arguments
Brundage, et al.The Malicious Use of Artificial Intelligence
Brynjolfsson & McAfeeThe Second Machine Age
Buterin, et al.A Flexible Design for Funding Public Goods
Buterin, VitalikThe Meaning of Decentralization
Butler, JudithPerformative Acts and Gender Constitution
Calthorpe, Peter7 Principles for Building Better Cities
Carlin, GeorgeNapalm & Silly Putty
Carnap, RudolfEmpiricism, Semantics, and Ontology
Carroll, SeanSpacetime and Geometry: an Introduction to General Relativity
Carroll, SeanWhy Boltzmann Brains Are Bad
Caviola, et al.Utilitarianism for Animals, Kantianism for People?
Cerri, et al.Hibernation for Space Travel: Impact on Radioprotection
Chalmers, AlanWhat Is This Thing Called Science?
Chen, et al.A Plant-derived Natural Photosynthetic System ... Cell Anabolism
Chiang, TedCatching Crumbs From the Table
Chomsky, NoamNew Horizons in the Study of Language and Mind
Christiano, Paul F.Hyperbolic Growth
Christiano, Paul F.Takeoff Speeds
CIAAnalysis and Assessment of Gateway Process (+, +, +)
CISAAdvanced Persistent Threat Compromise of ...
CISAChinese State-Sponsored Cyber Operations: Observed TTPs
CliffskiCode Bloat has Become Astronomical
Cockett & BeehlerProtective Effects of Hypothermia in Exploration of Space
Coulanges, NumaThe Ancient City
Cuffaro & HartmannThe Open Systems View
CultStateThe Butterfly War
Currin TradingAmbition, Deception, Honor, Redemption
Davis, GinevraI Don’t Want to Be an Internet Person
Debord, GuySociety of the Spectacle
DeliciousTacosProduct Review: Tenga
Deleuze, GillesDifference and Repetition
Descartes & ElisabethCorrespondence between Descartes and Princess Elisabeth
Descartes, ReneMeditations on First Philosophy
Devlin, KeithThe Math Gene
Dinesen & SanderskovEthnic Diversity and Social Trust
Donohue & LevittThe Impact of Legalized Abortion on Crime (over the Last Two Decades)
Dretske, FredKnowledge and the Flow of Information
Drexler, K. EricRadical Abundance
Dubner, Stephen J.Abortion and Crime, Revisited
Ebert & CulkinHypermodernity and the End of the World
Ellison, HarlanI Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream
Ettinger, RobertThe Prospect of Immortality
Feynman, RichardSurely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman
Feynman, RichardThere's Plenty of Room at the Bottom
Fine, et al.The Role of Race and Genetics in Health Disparities Research
Fisher, MarkCapitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative?
Fisher, MarkFlatline Constructs: Gothic Materialism & Cybernetic Theory-Fiction
Foot, PhillipaThe Problem of Abortion and the Doctrine of the Double Effect
Ford, MartinRise of the Robots
Fortune, DionPsychic Self-Defense
Fox, JeffEssential Fourth
François, Por CharlesProblemology: a Methodology for ... Complex Problems
Frege, GottlobThe Foundations of Arithmetic
Fry, HannahShould Computers Run the World? (+)
Fukuyama, FrancisMore Proof That This Really Is the End of History
Fukuyama, FrancisThe End of History?
Gabriel, MarkusWhy the World Does Not Exist
Garis, Hugo deThe Artilect War (+, +)
Gates, JimSuperspace, Or One Thousand And One Lessons In Supersymmetry
Gates, JimSuperstring Theory: the DNA of Reality
Gerring, TaylorBuilding the Decentralized Web
Ghirlanda & EnquistCumulative Culture and Explosive Demographic Transitions
Gibson, WilliamNeuromancer
Gibson, WilliamShiny Balls of Mud
Gillett & KaporThe Self-Governing Internet
Goodman, NelsonFact, Fiction, and Forecast
Gorpinchenko, et al.The Influence of Direct Mobile Phone Radiation on Sperm Quality
Graeber, DavidBullshit Jobs: A Theory
Graeber, DavidDebt
Graeber, DavidThe Dawn of Everything
Greenspan, PatriciaThe Problem With Manipulation
Griffin, John HowardBlack Like Me
Habermas, JűrgenThe Structural Transformation of the Public Sphere
Halderman, JoeThe Forever War
Hanania, RichardHow to Think about the "Current Thing"
Hanania, RichardPublic Choice Theory and the Illusion of Grand Strategy
Hanania, RichardThe Year of Fukuyama
Hamming, RichardThe Art of Doing Science and Engineering
Hance & Ladyman & RarityHow Quantum is Quantum Counterfactual Communication?
Harari, YuvalSapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
Hart & FarrellTranshumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas
Hawking, StephenA Brief History of Time
Hawking, StephenThe Universe in a Nutshell
Hazlitt, HenryEconomics in One Lesson
Hegel, G.W.F.Phenomenology of Spirit
Hener, TimoNoise Pollution and Violence
Hennessey & Xijin Ge... Link Decay and the Effectiveness of Mitigation Techniques
Herman & ChomskyManufacturing Consent
Hewitt, MikeGlobal Gold Supply vs. the Money Supply
Hjorthøj, et alAssociation Between Cannabis Use Disorder And Schizophrenia...
Horkheimer & AdornoDialectic of Englightenment
Hsu, StephenSuper-Intelligent Humans Are Coming
Hughes, EricA Cypherpunk's Manifesto
Hyde, SamHow to Bomb the U.S. Gov't
Impink, et al.Violent Video Games and Crime
James, WilliamThe Principles of Psychology
Jones, E. MichaelLibido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control
Jørgensen, et al.Petabit-per-second ... Microcomb Ring Resonator Source
Kaczynski, TheodoreIndustrial Society And Its Future
Kagan, ShellyHow to Live Given the Certainty of Death
Kaku, MichioQuantum Field Theory: A Modern Introduction
Kaku, MichioHyperspace
Kant, ImmanuelCritique of Pure Reason
Katayama, LisaMeet Hiroyuki Nishimura
Kierkegaard, SørenFear and Trembling
King, MattThe Problem with Negligence
Kokotajlo & OpreaCounterproductive Altruism: The Other Heavy Tail
Kopsida, et al.The Role of the Y Chromosome in Brain Function
Kosinski, Michal... Expose Political Orientation From Naturalistic Facial Images
Krugman, PaulThe Theory of Interstellar Trade
Kuhn, ThomasThe Structure of Scientific Revolutions
Ladyman & RossEvery Thing Must Go: Mataphysics Naturalized
Ladyman, JamesAre There Individuals in Physics, and If So, What Are They?
Ladyman, JamesIn Praise of Specialisation
Land, NickA Quick-and-Dirty Introduction to Accelerationism
Land, NickFanged Noumena
Land, NickWhat is Accelerating?
Lanier & WeylA Blueprint for a Better Digital Society
Larson, KentBrilliant Designs to Fit More People in Every City
Lewis, DavidCounterfactuals
Lewis, DavidOn the Plurality of Worlds
Liu, CixinThe Dark Forest
Logan, JonathanDropgangs, or The Future of Darknet Markets
Longley, JohnOn the Calculating Power of Laplace's Demon
Ludlow, PeterCrypto Anarchy, Cyberstates, and Pirate Utopias
Lynch, DavidCatching the Big Fish
Ma, MikeHarassment Architecture
MacKay and Avanessian#Accelerate#: The Accelerationist Reader
Maher, BillTrue Story
Mann, SonyaThe Conversations Cryptocurrency Killed
Marshall, AlfredThe Principles of Economics
Martinez, Luis R.How Much Should We Trust the Dictator's GDP Growth Estimates?
Marx, KarlEconomic And Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844
Mashour & LaRockInverse Zombies ... and the Hard Problem of Unconsciousness
Mathews, StanleyThe Fun Palace as Virtual Architecture
May, TimothyThe Crypto Anarchist Manifesto
McGowen, et al.Dolphin Genome ... and a Molecular Rate Slowdown
Merleau-Ponty, MauriceAdventures of the Dialectic
Muratori, CaseyThe Only Unbreakable Law (+)
Muratori, CaseyThe Thirty Million Line Problem
Newell, GabeReflections of a Video Game Maker
Nielsen, JakobThe Distribution of Users’ Computer Skills: Worse Than You Think
Nietzsche, FriedrichOn the Genealogy of Morality
Nishida, KitarōAn Inquiry Into The Good
Nissenbaum, HelenPrivacy as Contextual Integrity
Nozick, RobertPhilosophical Explanations
Nguyen, C. ThiWhat Zoom Removes
Nordeen & MartinEngineering Human Stasis for Long-Duration Spaceflight
Oesterheld, CasparMultiverse-wide Cooperation via Correlated Decision Making (+)
Olson, S. JayEstimates for the Number of ... Cosmological Expansion of Life
Olson, S. JayHomogeneous Cosmology with Aggressively Expanding Civilizations
Olson, S. JayLong-term Implications of Observing ... Cosmological Civilization
Olson, S. JayOn the Visible Size ... Civilizations at Cosmological Distances
Ord, TobyThe Edges of Our Universe
Ord, TobyThe Precipice
O'Loughlin, et al.Method and Device for ... Radio Frequency Hearing Effect
O'Rourke, P.J.Holidays in Hell
O'Rourke, P.J.Parliament of Whores
Paar, ChristofStream Ciphers, Random Numbers and the One Time Pad
Paine, ThomasCommon Sense
Parfit, DerekReasons and Persons
Pearl, JudeaMachine Learning is Stuck on Asking Why
Peretti, JonahCapitalism and Schizophrenia
Peterson, David J.Create a Language in Just One Hour
Plant & LandCyberpositive
Plant, SadieSeduced & Abandoned: The Body in the Virtual World
Plant, SadieZeros and Ones
PlatoDiogenes, Lives of Eminent Philosophers
PlatoThe Republic
Poderini, et al.Experimental Violation of n-locality in a Star Quantum Network
Putnam, HilaryReason, Truth and History
Qureshi, NabeelVideo Games are the Future of Education
Rahmani, et al.... Missing Link Between Sleep Deprivation, Insomnia, and Depression
Raskin, VictorThe Primer of Humor Research vol. 1 (18 papers)
Reiner, J. TobyNew Directions in Just-War Theory
Root-Bernstein & id.Polymathy Among Nobel Laureates As a Creative Strategy
Ross & TurnerExistence Problems in Philosophy and Science
Rust & SchwitzgebelThe Moral Behavior of Ethicists and the Power of Reason
Sandberg & Drexler & OrdDissolving the Fermi Paradox
Sandberg & ManheimWhat is the Upper Limit of Value?
Sapolsky, RobertBiology and Human Behavior
Sapolsky, RobertEthology
Sapolsky, RobertSchizophrenia
Sapolsky, RobertWhy Zebras Don't Get Ulcers
Schmitt, et al.BDNF in sleep, insomnia, and sleep deprivation
Schuessler, JenniferOur Boredom, Ourselves
Schwitzgebel, EricAgainst Longtermism
Schwitzgebel, EricAgainst the "Value Alignment" of Future Artificial Intelligence
Schwitzgebel, EricAiming for Moral Mediocrity
Schwitzgebel, EricEthical Efficiencies
Schwitzgebel, EricIf Materialism is True, the United States is Probably Conscious
Schwitzgebel, EricIt's Not Hard to Be Morally Excellent; You Just Choose Not To Be So
Schwitzgebel, EricOur Infinite Predecessors: Flipping the Doomsday Argument on Its Head
Schwitzgebel, EricSpeaking with the Living, Speaking with the Dead ...
Schwitzgebel, EricThe Full Rights Dilemma for Future Robots
Schwitzgebel & MooreExperimental Evidence for the Existence of an External World (+)
Searle, JohnConsciousness
Searle, JohnConsciousness in Artificial Intelligence
Searle, JohnMinds, Brains, and Programs
Settle, et al.Friendships Moderate ... Political Ideology
Shannon, ClaudeA Mathematical Theory of Communication
Shi, et al.Human Torpor: Translating Insights ... Manned Deep Space Expedition
ShiichanArgument for Anonymity
Shirky, ClayA Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy
Singer & BrookingLikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media
Sinhababu, NeilPossible Girls
Slate Star CodexEvery Bay Area House Party
Slate Star CodexSort By Controversial
Smith, AdamThe Wealth of Nations
Smullyan, Raymond M.What Is the Name of This Book?
SnaxThe Inimical
Snowden, EdwardPermanent Record
Soddy, FrederickWealth, Virtual Wealth and Debt
Solana, MikeOne Party State
Solana, MikeThe Fifth Estate
Speck, Jeff4 Ways to Make a City More Walkable
Spikic, et al.... Personalities of Ex-Spouse and New Partner After Divorce
Srnicek and WilliamsInventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work
Stallman, RichardThe Right to Read
Stephenson, NealAnathem
Stephenson, NealSnow Crash
Straughan, KarenAre Men Obsolete?
St. Clair, JohnTriangular Spacecraft
Suler, JohnPsychology of the Digital Age: Humans Become Electric
Suler, JohnThe Online Disinhibition Effect
Tao, TerenceStructure and Randomness in the Prime Numbers
Tao, TerenceThe Cosmic Distance Ladder
Tarsney & WilkinsonLongtermism in an Infinite World
Tez, Riva-MelissaLand of the Free?
Thaler & SunsteinNudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness
Thiel, PeterThe Optimistic Thought Experiment
Thompson, KenBrian Kernighan Interviews Ken Thompson
Thomson, Judy JarvisA Defense of Abortion
Thomson, Judy JarvisKilling, Letting Die, and the Trolley Problem
Thomson, Judy JarvisThe Right to Privacy
Thornhill & GangestadThe Scent of Symmetry: A Human Sex Pheromone that Signals Fitness?
Tilly, BenAnalysis vs Algebra Predicts Eating Corn?
Tivy, WolfQuit Your Job
Trillin, CalvinFlorida Woman Bites Camel
Tsunetomo, YamamotoHagakure
Tyson, Neil deGrasseReflections on the Color of My Skin
Tyson, Neil deGrasseThe Future of Colonizing Space
Ucar, HamdiPolarity Free Magnetic Repulsion and Magnetic Bound State
Veiga Beltrame, EduardoInteroperability Rant
Victoria, BrianZen at War
Vinge, VernorThe Coming Technological Singularity
Vonnegut, Kurt2 B R 0 2 B
Vonnegut, KurtHarrison Bergeron
Wallach & AllenMoral Machines: Teaching Robots Right from Wrong
Walkden, NickPlasma and Plasma Physics
Warburton, NigelThe Real Adam Smith
Wei, EugeneStatus as a Service (StaaS)
Wiesner & LadymanMeasuring Complexity
White, et al.Worldline Numerics ... Intersection With Alcubierre Warp Metric
Will, BrianObject-Oriented Programming is Bad (+)
Wilson, CodyCOVID-911
Wilson, CodyCrypto-Anarchy Lecture at UofT (and part 2)
Wilson, CodySilicon Valley Struggle Sessions
Wilson, DominicaPost-Political: A Speech
WittgensteinPhilosophical Investigations
WittgensteinTractatus Logico-Philosophicus
Woolcock, NicolaSome Primary School Pupils Unable to Say their Names
W.T.The Paedomorphs
W.T.The Retard
Yergin, StanislawThe Commanding Heights
Yudkowsky, EliezerThe Fun Theory Sequence
Yusuf, MahdiThings You Should Know About Databases
Ziai, RezaWhat You’re Attracted to Isn’t “Socially Constructed”
Zinn, HowardA People's History of the United States
Žižek, SlavojFirst as Tragedy, Then as Farce
Žižek, SlavojThe Sublime Object of Ideology
Žižek, SlavojViolence: Six Sideways Reflections
Žižek, SlavojŽižek's Jokes