_________________________________________ / _ _ _____ _ _ _ _ ___ ___ \ | | | | ||_ _|| \ | || | | |\ \\/ // | | | | | | | | | \| || | | | \ V // | | | |/\| | | | | . ` || | | | / \\ | | \ /\ / _| |_ | |\ || |_| |/ //\ \\ | \ \/ \/ \___/ \_| \_/ \___/ \// \// / \_______________________________________/ Version 1.2.4 Last Updated 2023/4/8 :: GNU/Linux (Rome & Antium) :: This page currently hosts my Arch rice bundle. I will be heavily updating this project and creating an ISO or VM image soon so the distro can be downloaded and installed with the exact specifications I show in the following images. If you want to manually rice, the dotfiles and scripts for my setup are on my github. This page will be get changed significantly when I finish augmenting Rome/Antium and finalize the disk image for download, but until then, these are some personal notes and features I want to add: • Integrate mons for display switching. • Replace the Gnome display manager with a reskined version of lightdm. • Mod ncmpcpp with Lyvi for lyrics, and integrate Mopidy with bum. • Integrate wpgtk. • Possibly add this to the bash shell initialization (and make your own for zsh). • Possibly add vimty for vim (and nano/micro usage). • Possible app steal? • Mod and integrate some of this and that's functionality. • Mod and add this todo to the availible scripts. • Fix problems with my bitmap fonts. • Draw terminals with slop and select_st. Arch Rome Rice :: Windows (WINUX) :: This page used to host SNUX, which was a Windows7 mod package and system overhaul. The project outline is still shown below, but I've moved on to BSPWM ricing on Arch. Some day I might create a disk image of these mods on top of an otherwise vanilla Win7-SP1 and release that image here. The reason I may still pursue Win7 ricing is because despite obvious counters, if properly augmented, Windows has potential for becoming a great OS. SNUX was a Winux overhaul, meaning a Windows7 rice & mod package designed to make Windows look and function more like Linux. - SNUX PROGRAM LIST - SPOR was a portable desktop deployment designed for SecOps and Win-program replacement. - SPOR PROGRAM LIST - SHAX was a portable skiddie toolkit designed for local, wardriving, and remote tasks. The programs bundled in SHAX were based on internet trench warfare (from 2015). - SHAX PROGRAM LIST - SPAX was the combination of all three other packs, intended to make for a full distro deployment of Windows7, fully riced and modified to look and feel like Linux SecOps. There are 64 programs total, about half a gig of image files, for ~2 gigs overall. Snux Package Preview Snux Busy :: Phone Ricing :: Android is incredibly easy to work on. There are all kinds of apps you can get that will do half the ricing for you. As seen in the screens below, I am using the Nova Launcher with Light Void icons. I have stuck very close to the design principles I outline in snUX, and I am using the first of the two mentioned color schemes on that page. The reason for doing this is three-fold: the minimal and text-less screen makes visually parsing the screen incredibly easy, the white-on-black scheme means the content will be visible under any lighting condition or damage to the screen, and the majoritarily black backing reduces power consumption on OLED screens. The screenshots on the right-hand side below are of the same system but with a pixel filter; the significance of this being that the filter turns off half the pixels of the screen which significantly reduces battery consumption but also demonstrates that this color scheme still grants high visibility even when half the screen's pixels are disabled. Android Rice 1-4