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There were lots of proposals for what content this page would host, with the original idea being a 'philo grid' to show which common theories and frameworks are in/compatible with each other, matching up along metaphysical, epistemological, and ethical axises; e.g., hard determinism in metaphysics is incompatible with free-will agency in ethics. But that would have been too much work for something almost no one would have used, so instead this page hosts content related to futurology, which includes predictions about the future, long-term planning, and knowledge trees.

Predicting the Future

Long Bets is the prediction site for the Long Now Foundation; it's used by many futurists and philosophers and is useful in seeing how horrible they are at predicting the future.
The Next Century of Computing by Charles Rosenbauer we estimate as being 30% accurate.

Very Long Term Planning

Our /engineering page discusses some solutions for long-term data storage and computing but tools like PanLex and LOCKSS are also worth exploring.

Knowledge Trees

Despite the annoying advertising, Brilliant is probably the best way to self-edify. Past that, you can get postgraduate degrees for really cheap with international online universities like TECH. If you have ideas you think are really worth applying to world, you may be able to get grants for them with things like Emergent Ventures or other niche grants.

Nuclide progression in particle physics gives lots of insights to the kinds of elements that exist in the universe.

There will be lots more content added to this page in the future including full knowledge trees showing every relevant idea in the development of major fields of study, utilizing lots of visual aids like to help people learn the topic as they go through the tree.