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Music & Podcasts
FCS - Audio production from Snax. Calvera - Audio production from Moxtak. /boombap - Definitive list of innovators within hiphop. /music - Old, unfinished genre classification chart for electronic music. 2020/3/24 - TekWars 2.0 - Politics and philosophy podcast feat. Snax. (alt link) 2020/3/17 - Ghost Squawk Experience #8 - Finance podcast feat. Snax (hosted by Inter).
Recorded Lectures
Lecture #116 (2022/7/24): Warped: Unusual Geometries in Spacetime (first half only) - Lecture Notes Lecture #70 (2020/10/4): Public versus Private: Architecture, Anthropology, and Transhumanism
Psychoacoustics is the study of the perception of sound and is useful for many things. Studies into what sounds help or harm human cognition can be fascinating and this page will likely have a lot more content pertaining to this in the future. Why Do Programers Listen to Music? by Charles Rosenbauer opens an exploration on this. There are intersting synesthetic technologies like vOICe out there too. For a comprehensive guide on earphones, check /iemg/. Practice Run for Inter's Eulogy (2021/3/30): Inter's Eulogy (2021/3/30, 9pm PST):