The Diogenesis Table Society -- Updated 2021/11/23 Contact us on our official Discord server. ====================================================================================== The Diogenesis Table Society is an amalgamation of people involved in academic philosophy, STEM, political sciences, and other studies. The Diogenesis Table Society has published research broadly regarding topics like transhumanism, accelerationism, and comedy. Like most contemporary table societies, this one is productive, with our members all being involved in projects aimed at acheiving major goals related to our group focus and respective fields of study. The academic journal articles we publish and research we conduct as a group are utilized in our non-academic projects as well. The Diogenesis Table Society was founded on June 19th 2016, the same day the FCC was founded by the US government in 1934. This was intentional, as our purpose is antithetical to the FCC's. You can join in on our classroom-styled lectures via our discord server. If you want full membership for inclusion on the research we conduct, you have to be tested. The test process is a verbal exam related to philosophical questions; you must use the first prompt and one of the other following prompts listed as your test prompts. You must fight to maintain a position.