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Snerx is the poor man's future-soft and research organization with focuses in formal logic, semiotics, governance systems, steganography, economic axiology, cultural, and research-process technologies.

Snerx does not take corporate sponsorships or run any ads. This site and all related content is entirely out of my pocket and it always will be. My pockets are also empty and so this site is a testament to what great and strange things can be accomplished with nothing but raw imagination and a VPS.

Michael Azzi, Monster Basement, and Ghostablook have created versions of the Snerx logo used around the site. For those who asked to donate, you can now do so here:

This webserver is regularly nuked and reinstalled, you don't have to worry about logs. We have never used cookies and will never use cookies. DNT respected, no trackers, port 80 is closed, HTTP traffic is entirely ignored. We do this instead of using a redirect to ensure traffic is always HTTPS. This makes generic MITM upgrade attacks impossible. We have looked into hosting the site through Tor, IPFS/ZeroNet, and other networks to secure and anonymize traffic, but given the configuration of our server, as long as you cycle your IP regularly you will effectively be just as anonymous.

We have completely disabled IPv4 before; this meant every time you connected to the site, or at least every time you restarted the connecting device, you would have a completely new IPv6 address, making it infeasible to correlate connections. But some ISPs' infrastructures are so poor that they still don't support IPv6, so we re-enabled IPv4. If you disagree with any of the above, there are many ways to contact us. We are ready and very willing to fight.

Below is a directory of all the major webpages on snerx. Complete projects are ones that will only receive minor updates, if any at all in the future. Ongoing projects are ones in which major content additions or link lists get added randomnly throughout time. Incomplete projects are ones that have either barely been started or still have the majority of their work still to be done. Archived projects are pages that were either discontinued or abandoned due to how old, juvenile, or unimportant they are.
NAME                  STATUS    
about                 COMPLETE  
accelerate            ONGOING   
actually              ARCHIVED  
acquisition           COMPLETE  
aoc                   ONGOING   
audio                 ONGOING   
Binesi                INCOMPLETE
boombap               ONGOING   
changelog             ONGOING   
chromatophore         COMPLETE  
convincing            COMPLETE  
curl                  COMPLETE  
cyberancientism       COMPLETE  
diogenesis            COMPLETE  
discord               ARCHIVED  
engineering           ONGOING   
home.html             COMPLETE  
homeold               ARCHIVED  
homemil               ARCHIVED  
homedrk               ARCHIVED  
I'm Not Joking PDF    INCOMPLETE
innawoods             ONGOING   
Insane Ramblings PDF  INCOMPLETE
ip.php                COMPLETE  
kos                   ARCHIVED  
library               ONGOING   
math                  ONGOING   
metarepository        ARCHIVED  
music                 INCOMPLETE
nerx                  COMPLETE  
percent               COMPLETE  
philo                 INCOMPLETE
physics               ONGOING   
powsim                ARCHIVED  
rice                  COMPLETE  
SCP                   COMPLETE  
semiotics             COMPLETE  
skell                 ONGOING   
skor                  COMPLETE  
slators               ONGOING   
slavecoin             ARCHIVED  
smacro                COMPLETE  
smarx                 ARCHIVED  
snarl                 COMPLETE  
snavi                 ONGOING   
snews                 ONGOING   
sniph PDF             COMPLETE  
sniph                 ARCHIVED  
snov                  COMPLETE  
snuff                 INCOMPLETE
snux                  COMPLETE  
sorts                 ONGOING   
sploit PDF            ARCHIVED  
SSC                   COMPLETE  
stone                 INCOMPLETE
stop                  COMPLETE  
stratic               COMPLETE  
TABG                  ARCHIVED  
team                  ARCHIVED  
TestPage              ONGOING   
trenches              ONGOING   
unturned              ARCHIVED  
Wardriving RAR        ARCHIVED  
wrongthink            COMPLETE  
64 projects/pages total.        

Thanks to Spice for this design.