SNERX.COM/CHANGELOG  Updated 2024/6/21 • Read Time 80min • Discord

Every public change to a page on this webserver since 2018 is listed below from most to least recent. Changes before 2018 are not listed since I was not manually tracking changes before then.

/wrongthink - Minor edits.

/irl - Content additions.

/snov - Link addition.
/accelerate - Link additions.
/visual - Minor edits.
/convincing - Moderate changes.

/library - Link additions.

/irl - Minor fixes.

/irl - Minor fixes.
/innawoods - Minor fixes.

/accelerate - Major changes.
/irl - Major addition.

/home.html - Fixed long outstanding category title error.
/cyber - Parity with the default landing page.
/changelog - Updated description and cleaned up CSS.
/library - Fixed some color tags, removed wrong resource, added a new paper.
/slators - Minor fixes.
/about - Link addition, minor changes, directory addition.
/innawoods - Lots of link and content changes.
/snov - Some changes and link additions.

/home.html - Removed a bunch of comments; the page is less than 100 lines now.

/snov - Removed the IRL MMORPG section.
/irl - Created a dedicated page for the IRL MMORPG.
/home.html - Link addition.
/cyber - Parity.

/library - Five additions.
/about - Replaced donation button with small link.
/math - Link addition, minor edits.
/home.html - Page addition, re-arranged categories.
/cyber - Fixed minor bugs with the edgerunners theme.

/math - Minor edits.

/semiotics - Moderate edits.
/about - Color edits and minor changes.
/home.html - Minor edits.
/snov - Minor edits.
/cyber - Updated to match the normal home page.
/library - Added 9 books and papers.

/sorts - added links.
/innawoods - added links and fixed some typos.

/diogenesis - Restructured the entrance exam.

/math - Minor content changes.

/skell - Link additions, content changes.
/snov - Minor content changes.

/rice - Reformatted.
/library - Over a dozen works added.
/about - Minor wording fix.
/accelerate - Over a dozen new links, some content cleanup.
/trenches - Minor fixes; link addition.
/semiotics - Minor content addition.
/chromatophore - Formatting changes and content fixes.

/cyber - Edgerunners theme for the landing page created.
/home.html - Edgerunners theme link added.
/smacro - RIP Kripke.

/stratic - Minor content changes.
/percent - Changed the ranking section.

/stone - CSS fixes.
/stone/about - Added picture comparison to GPT3 and reformatted the CSS.

/diogenesis - Added member crests and minor content change.

/library - Link addition.
/home - Fixed the changelog parenthetical.
/snex - Link addition.
/accelerate - Link addition.
/stratic - Content fixes.

SB - SB CSS update.
/trenches - Link changes.

/percent - Content updates.
/innawoods - Link fix.
/snex - Link additions.
/library - Link addition.

/library - A dozen works added.

/snov - Link added.
/percent - Links added.
/snux - Link added.
/smacro - Link added.
/trenches - Link added.

/snov - Link added, minor fixes.

/snux - Lots of links added.
/wrongthink - Minor spelling and CSS fixes.
/about - Minor updates.
/library - Link additions.

/wrongthink - New page created to test WT's about page content.

/library - Links added.
/snov - Links added, format fix.
/snarl - Fixed home link, fixed CSS.
/slators - Fixed home link, minor heading fix.
/trenches - Added image, links, re-ordered some content.
/engineering - Fixed CSS, added link.
/smacro - Added link.

/philo - Format fixes, CSS fixes.
/math - Format fixes, CSS fixes.
/accelerate - Link color change.
/sorts - Link additions, content changes.
/semiotics - Format fixes, image updates.
/snov - Minor content addition, CSS fixes.

/diogenesis - Minor content addition.

/sorts - Minor content changes.
/percent - Content changes, reformatted CSS.

/trenches - Added links.
/diogenesis - Minor content changes.
/library - Link additions.
/audio - Link addition.

/trenches - Reformatted CSS.

/library - Added a book.
/stratic - Reformatted CSS.

/audio - Minor spelling fix.
/smacro - Link addition.
/SCP - Fixed code, formatting, link addition.
/snov - Minor color fixes.

/sorts - Changed formatting.
/innawoods - Added links, reformatted.
/skell - Added links, reformatted.
/snux - Added links, reformatted.
/library - Added 6 papers.
/changelog - Modified colors.
/accelerate - Added links.

/library - Added a paper.
/engineering - Added links.
/skell - Fixed CSS.
/philo - Fixed CSS, added links.
/sorts - New page.
HTML Template - Updated formatting.
/home - New page link added; section changes.
/about - New page link added to project status section.

/percent - Fixed CSS, modified content.
/library - Added a book.
/snov - Link addition, fixed CSS.
/accelerate - Lots of link additions.
/convincing - Fixed CSS, modified content.
HTML Template - Updated the CSS to match the current responsive designs.
/TestPage - Fixed CSS.
/snux - Fixed CSS, modified content.

/library - Added a resource, fixed formatting.
/audio - Added a couple links and new content, fixed CSS.
/accelerate - Added a couple links, fixed CSS.
/about - Fixed CSS.

/snex - Added a link.
/engineering - Updated CSS, fixed formatting.
/physics - Updated CSS, fixed formatting.

/innawoods - Added Spice's logo design; updated CSS.
/home - Updated CSS, re-named a section.
/about - Updated CSS, added Spice's design.
404 & 403 - Updated the 404 and 403 pages to use Spice's design.

/library - Six new papers and books.

/aoc - Added content, fixed spelling, fixed header, changed colors.
/library - Added the Descartes & Elisabeth of Bohemia correspondence.

/home - Re-ordered the rows, renamed the knowledge tree page.
Changed the site favicon from the 2D alien head to the eye of the 3D logo render.
/about - Changed the status colors, fixed CSS.
/slators - Revamped layout, fixed CSS, added contraction section.
/snex - Minor link addition.
/aoc - Revamped layout, changed colors.
/library - Fixed CSS, made layout wider.

/changelog - Transfered over all of the updates from 2021, 2020, 2019, and 2018; deleted the channel on the Discord. Changed page colors. Every addition to the changelog from here on out will necessitate a change to the changelog page, so it will be assumed that /changelog is in every future changelog list.
/home - Changed the browser highlight colors again.
/diogenesis - Revamped layout, made it more like /snov and less like /math.

/changelog - Created the page you're viewing now and transfered over all of 2022's updates.
/home - The homepage with the new link to this page.
/about - Added /changelog to the list of project statuses and fixed the list format.
/nerx - Reformatted code, changed splash, added og meta tags, removed iframes, fixed CSS.
/accelerate - Fixed CSS, added a link.
/snex - Added a link.
/diogenesis - Fixed CSS, added a notes section, updated the meeting summaries.

/home - CSS fix.
/engineering - CSS fix.
/snex - CSS fix.
HTML template updated.

/snov - Remade the Turning Society Into a Literal MMORPG section.
/home - Now overrides the default browser highlight colors; will apply this to all other snerx pages as I go along.
/snex - CSS update.
/engineering - CSS update and link added.

/skell - Minor link addition.
/snux - Minor link addition and content change.
/home - Added a new row splitting the misc category into misc and academics.

/innawoods - Minor link addition.
/library - The list is now sortable; minor link addition.
/skell - Added some links.
/snex - After all these years, I finally did it.

/audio - Fixed Mox's soundcloud link.
/visual - Fixed grammar, added Mox's banner.
/library - Fixed Nicomachean Ethics link.
/about - Fixed minor spelling error.
/slators - Reformatted code, changed layout, added a new section.

/library - Added Spice's new logo.
/snov - Major content addition, new section Turning Society Into a Literal Game added.

/snov - Completely changed the layout/aesthetic, made the page reactive, and anchored navigation sections.
/library - Changed formatting, more compact now.

/semiotics - Phrasing fixes, link additions.
/snarl - Reformatted code header, changed page header, grammar and phrasing fixes.
/stratic - Fixed header links, grammar, and phrasing.
/audio - Color and formatting fixes.

/audio - Added a lecture recording for the first time in two years. Will hopefully add a dozen more soon.
/library - Added a couple books by David Lewis.
/diogenesis - Reformatted code header, remade page header, added all the newer lecture summaries.

/library - Lots of links added.

/percent - Fixed header, changed phrasing for main section.
/library - Added links.
/visual - MAJOR UPDATE; added art samples for most of the members.
/home - Changed the glowy links.

/library - Added a couple links.
/snux - Added a visual example link to the interface section.
/innawoods - Reformatted code, remade header, replaced some dead links (there are still a bunch more but w/e).

/skell - Content additions, header fix.
/snux - Content additions.
/library - New links; I started turning the list into a sortable table but no one except me has ever said they wanted that so I saved myself the hour of work it would have taken to make.
/philo - Fixed a minor grammar mistake.
/physics - Remade header, reformatted code.
/about - Fixed phrasing in some areas.
/engineering - Remade header, fixed some spelling errors.
/chromatophore - Reformatted code, remade header, fixed minor spelling errors.
/semiotics - Reformatted code, remade header, fixed spelling errors.

/library - New papers, patents, and books added; minor changes to header.
/audio - Reformatted code, removed all the dead recordings.
/cyberancientism renamed to /visual - Reformatted code, reformatted page layout, will be adding image previews of artist work.
/snux - Removed last section expander and I toggled the background image back on; I can't tell which way looks better.
/philo - Changed the layout back to what it was before.
/math - Fixed grammar/wording of some sections.
/about - Very minor header change.
/home - Fixed the /visual renamed link.
/trenches - Fixed header and image opacity.
Also some links and fixed spelling errors in the warped space lecture notes.

/about - Fixed donate button and page colors.
/trenches - Reformatted the code, added images.
/engineering - New section added.

/snux - New links.
/library - Searle works added.
/stratic - Notable changes to the about section and minor tweaks in some rule phrasing.

/stratic - Code overhaul and content cleaning.
/library - Added a math book.

/snov - Added a new section.

/library - Added
/percent - Remade header, fixed some grammar.
/metarepository - Reformatted page, reformatted code, deleted content, links etc.

/philo - Added Cozmic's trolley link.
/snux - New section, new links.
/smacro - Code reformat, added link, fixed old links.
/library - Links added.

The notes from today's lecture -

Added read times to all the archived lecture notes.

/library - Added a talk.

/library - Added a couple links.
/skell - New links, reformatted header.
/engineering - New links, reformatted header.

/about - Remade the header and reformatted the code. Minor content changes.
/TestPgae - Supplanted the old snax ascii art. Will be the permanent resting place probably.
/math - Remade the header and reformatted the code.
/philo - Remade the header and reformatted the code.
/library - Added journal access links and some minor sites.

/percent - Changed header layout, reformatted code.
/TestPage - Testing responsive design stuff.
/curl - Tested raw text stuff.
/home - Minor swap of the misc category; minor code change.
/library - Added a couple site articles.
/snux - Redesigned the interface, redid code bits, added links, minor content changes.

/smacro - Lots of additions to the Most Influential Living Minds section and minor layout change.
/snov - Link addition, minor content changes.
/TestPgae - Reformatted.
/percent - Code reformat, redesigned header section.

/library - Five new talks.
/snux - Appended the Comparative Analysis section.

/engineering - Fixed properties of the expand button.
/math - Fixed properties of the expand button.
/philo - Changed some sections - someone should bug me to finish them soon; fixed minor code issues.
/library - Rearranged sections, added link.
/stone/about - Added a blurb, fixed punctuation, lightened background.
/about - Added a donate button for the first time ever.

/philo - Added some links to the history section.
/discord - Changed /spoiler to /discord and added links and reformatted the code and content.
/about - Changed the link for spoiler to discord.

/library - Finishing adds from yesterday.

/snov - Minor code change.
/snux - Added code validators and compliance for accessibility, edits some section content for better wording.
/library - A dozen new links and counting.

/library - Added an article.
/semiotics - New section and new links to old section.
/physics - Removed the Relativistic Units of Time section, reordered a couple sections.
/percent - Added the section removed from /physics, fixed some phrasing/spelling.
Fixed a minor spelling error in

/skell - New section and new link.
/semiotics - Gave up on making a full graphic since there would be over 11k possible characters, uploaded the overly simplified version.
/snov - Fixed spelling and phrasing errors.

/aoc - Complete code reformat and page layout; minor spelling errors fixed.
/library - Added an article.
/engineering - Added some links.
/math - Added some response links explaining things.

/math - Fixed some ambiguous or contradictory language in four sections.
/SCP - Reformatted code and added meta tags, added SCIpher and SCIgen.
/philo - Changed section header format, swapped link, minor edits.
/accelerate - Temporarily added the mini link to test Dall-E before its full release.
/library - Added two works.

/skell - Added some useful links.
/accelerate - Added Dalle-E.
/library - Added SICP for the meme.

/math - Added minor notes clarifying stuff to a couple sections.

/engineering - Added a new section A Reified Halting Problem and fixed a link.

the landing page for the first time in a couple years.
/semiotics - Fixed the spelling errors 6.5 found.
/stone - the code, formatting, page layout, deleted the symbols page and merged its content with the about page.
/library - Added a couple papers.

/accelerate - Fixed some errors, changed section style.
/library - Added a couple books.
/about - Fixed a formatting issue.
Minor edits to the I'm Not Joking PDF but I can't actually finish editing another chapter until my eyes heal.

/library - Added some Zizek.
/diogenesis - the lecture summaries list and reformatted a little.
/home - Not noticeable for normal users, but the code was finally cleaned up so there is no longer a reference to an external style sheet. This is the last page on the site that did this and after several years it now means that every single page on Snerx is full self-contained with in-line CSS and can be rendered as stand-alone files.
all the lecture notes to be formatted more like the /TestPage.

/semiotics - Changed layout, fixed minor spelling error.
/engineering - Added two new sections.

/about - Minor link and grammar fix.
/library - Added some of the articles recently linked in the server.

/semiotics - I noticed some spelling errors and fixed them.

/library - Handful of new links.
/stratic - Reformatted code and page.
/convincing - Reformatted code and page.
/math - New section Invented, Not Discovered added.
/philo - Edited some content down, added some minor stuff.
/trenches - Minor link addition, slight reformatting.
/snov - Added a link, fixed phrasing and grammar.

/library - New links.
/skell - Minor content addition, re-arranged sections.
/home - Re-orienting the items panned into the corners of the screen; de-cluttering / making 'responsive'.
/about - Fixed formatting, added project links.
/innawoods - Fixed formatting.

/library - Added four new links/talks/papers.

/TestPgae - New page for testing the Bionic Reading formatting.
/about - some project statuses.
/snov - Fixed some spelling errors.

/smacro - Added links.
/library - New book.
/snov - Completely changed all the content and overhauled the formatting.

/accelerate - Fixed the link to old lecture notes.
/library - Added the two papers on abortion's effect on crime rates.
/philo - Added a link for the problem of induction.
/skell - Reformatted, minor link addition.
Added the lecture notes for 109 -
/math - New section and fixed some wording and formatting.
/library - Added a reading material.
/accelerate - Added a link and did minor reformatting.
/semiotics - Large content addition, prepping for the graphic.

Nuanced but a good handful of changes to ??
/snux - Reformatted, content changes, link additions.
/library - Added some papers.
Binesi - Working on fixing descriptions, reformatting the code, and updating the layout.
/semiotics - Added links, content descriptors, working on graphic.

/engineering - content, links, code.
/philo - Changed colors, spacing, formatting; parity with /semiotics.
/acquisition - some of the tooltip notes.
/semiotics - Made a logo, fixed phrasings.

/semiotics - New page, still need to add graphics and content.
/chromatophore - Added a new logo, reformatted the code, the page layout and content.

Deleted the /adventures page and am temporarily removing the Insane Ramblings PDF. Updating the /about page and landing page table to reflect these changes.

/library - Minor link addition.
/cyberancientism - Reformatted, added a link to Moxtak's steg challenge; will add image previews of selected works.
/trenches - Major reformatting, new links.
/acquisition - New page based on the canonical and apocryphal Rules of Acquisition.
/about - Added the acquisition page.

/library - Two new links, changed spacing.
/about - project list.

/??? - Reformatted the code, page layout, grammar.

/about - the project list.
/home - First time I've deleted a category (AFAIR). Deleted the Contact category, removing the keybase and email options, leaving only Discord and moved the Discord option to the Misc. category. Archived the Sploit PDF project. Moved /skell to the Sources category. Deleted the /snork and /KIoCSL links in favor of a new /semiotics page. Added glowing links for testing.
/accelerate - Reformatted the code, meta tags, page formatting.
/403 & /404 - changed the error pages for the first time in years; reformatted the code, fixed standards compliance issues.
/semiotics - Merged /KIoCSL, added the list of fonts made under Snerx.

/snux - New sections, new content to an older section, new images, re-ordered stuff.
/snarl - Big update, content changed, reformatted code, merged /snork.
/snork - Page was deleted and merged with /snarl.
/cyberancientism - Reformatted code, colors and page layout.
I will try to make the new semiotics page tomorrow if my eye isn't still damaged.

/diogenesis - Massive update, reformatted code, reformatted page layout, changed colors, changed links, changed content.
/library - Minor content changes.
/trenches - Fixed very minor spelling error.
/home - Minor code changes.
I also reformatted the archived lecture notes so they are readable by normies:

/philo - Minor changes to phrasing in several sections. I will try to fill out way more of the sections soon.

/snux - Formatting, links, phrasing/grammar edits.
/curl - Changed all aspects.
/skell - Major update to content, formatting, code.
/philo - Fixed colors/formatting.
/math - Changed colors and spacing to match /philo.
/engineering - Changed formatting to match /philo.

/math - Finished adding the links from yesterday and changed the page formatting so the sections can expand and collapse, making it a lot more compact.
/engineering - Added the same expand/collapse buttons.

/math - Changed phrasing/grammar, was going to add some links or tooltips but got distracted so I'll do it tomorrow.

/boombap - Fixed some broken links and reformatted the code using the new style.

I'm Not Joking - The intro and first two chapters are totally finished and the third and fourth chapter will be finished soon.

/smacro - New links and reformatted code.
/trenches - Reformatted code, cleaned colors.
/math - Minor changes.
/physics - Reformatted.
/engineering - Reformatted.
I also all the landing page's alternative themes so there's content parity now.

/about - For the first time in a long time I have deleted a page; the /progress page no longer exists and all its content has been merged with /about.
/library - Library is actually a library page now, I removed the archive section and added it to /about.
/math - with the new code formatting and meta tags.
/philo - More code tidying.
/snux - Gave snUX a facelift, reformatted the code, and added a new content section.
/rice - Gave the winux page a facelift, reformatted the code, no new content.
/innawoods - Reformatted the code, added the new meta tags, no new content.

I have once again reformatted the home page and html template for other pages so that it is even more compact, even more minimal, and contains even more functionality like text animations and open graph meta tags for link previews. I am going through every page now and reformatting the header code to apply these new changes. I have also changed the homepage layout slightly.

/philo - More quality of life updates. Last time I fixed the expand/collapse and this time I'm testing out tooltips; also minor content changes.

/philo - Big fixes to the expanding sections (expand and collapse actually works now and is not jarring), small content addition, and toying with the code format let me minimalize the HTML template I use even more.
/home - Code minimalization.
/audio - Reformatted, cleaned up code.

/math - Formatting and content changes, minimalized even more, cleaned the code, fixed grammar, added a link.
/smacro - Formatting and code minimalization. Added JJT to the minds section.
/library - Formatting and code minimalization. Added 17 new links.

/aoc - Major content additions, images added, formatting changed, etc.

/skell - Fixed typo and formatting.

/skell - Imperceptible changes; will probably change the formatting a lot in the future.
/philo - Big formatting changes; I found a page that can actually make use of expanding/collapsing sections lol.
/library - Removed the 'Tools' section completely, did some code reformatting, added a book.
/acceleration - Reformatted code (and will probably have to for a lot of other pages), and added a link.
/home - homepage code formatting and link titles.
I also the default template I use for new pages so hopefully more streamlining and minimalism on future pages.

/archive/Lecture97Notes - Fixed, formatting, grammar, and phrasing, as well as one of the links.
/library - Added links, removed others. This in particular is worth reading -

/home - Imperceptible changes.
/philo - Lots of content additions, sections added, sections filled out.

/boombap - Added people, links, re-arranged shit.
/progress - Added the above page because I forgot it.
/library - Added a couple papers.

/progress - New page for tracking the projects/pages on snerx and figuring out which ones I should actually spend time on finishing.
/engineering - Grammar and formatting fixes. THERE IS A NICE EASTER EGG ON THIS PAGE IF ANYONE ACTUALLY READS THESE.
/curl - Reformatted, making it easier to add raw text content.
/about - Added the link for /progress.

/stratic - Imperceptible changes.
/philo - Minor additions; will substantially add to and clean up this page soon.

/library - Added some links.
/philo - Minor changes, fixed wordings, added note.
/aoc - Added some notes; will expand as more alpha and beta previews come out.
And the template page to fix the skiddie splash.

/philo - Added some more lines to the list.

/philo - Minor changes.

/philo - I had a stroke of laziness genius and instead of finishing the page, I listed all the things that I will eventually be adding to it and I will let you guys decide which ones you're interested in most and thereby which ones I will fill out first. This page addition also coincides with the 100th lecture of the Diogenesis Table Society.
/home - the landing page to reflect the latest link addition and re-ordered the content.
/skell - Minor link additions.
/library - Added the Relata PDF.

/physics - Added links and fixed some grammar.
/engineering - Two whole new sections, Using CIA research to generate visual binaurals, and Exotic solutions for warfare in space. The second one is mostly a copy from what was posted in shitposting two days ago, but the first one is totally new stuff.
/about - Changed the about section to be more clear.

/KIoCSL - Made an actual page for this finally.
/smacro - Added several people to the list of minds and re-arranged the sections.
/accelerate - Added links and fixed grammar/spelling. Main link addition is for Limitless Space, the company that made the first observed warp bubble.
/home - Light reformatting.
/stratic - Added the True Endless variant and various descriptions to clarify ambiguous or vague rules.
/library - Added five articles including the essay by Buzzfeed's creator on accelerationism.
/percent - Fixed incredibly minor spelling error.

/stratic - All tentative rules and major changes to piece movements have been thoroughly tested and finalized now. Piece type has been simplified and differences made more distinct. If you want to update your spreadsheet tool Cozmic or start working on the bot again OdiliTime, there will be no major changes to the rules or mechanics in the near future, and if prescient enough, there will be no major changes in the distant future either. The Bureaucrat may be another piece added but this doesn't affect any of the other game mechanics.

/engineering - New page for projects like our cosmic ray catcher. I have high hopes that OdiliTime and RogueGod will inspire me to do more projects worth adding to that page (or will allow me to add some of their worthy projects).

Reformatted /math to add a stipulation to the first section after being clarified by an actual mathematician.

Reformatted /math to add a stipulation to the first section after being clarified by an actual mathematician.

/math - MAJOR ADDITIONS, a giant new section on Serious Problems for Cantor's Diagonalization and minor spelling/phrasing fixes to other sections. I will be adding a new section on Gödel as well soon hopefully.
/percent - Fixed phrasing, grammar.

/convincing - Added details in the code, fixed phrasing throughout to be less awkward and more direct. May change this again if it's less clear to people.
/aoc - Reformatted, added descriptions, will add info from alpha playtesting eventually.

/diogenesis - Added all the recent meeting summaries and links to notes.

Reformatted and finished the Binesi page.
Added the Iseneb set and syllabary for countering statistical analysis attacks.

/accelerate - Changed the Go in digital peace line to Go in virtual peace, changed some formatting code, and added an automation link.
/library - New links to articles, both of which I think were posted by Dimorphique.
/SCP - Added Moxtak's MC steg challenge link.
/innawoods - Added Sage's 100rabbits find to the De-Gridding section.
/percent - Added a paragraph including the temporal component to % as well as fixing phrasing and grammar in the rest of the section.

/snux - Minor link addition; I added Sage's Color Conversion Algorithms link.

/physics - Minor changes to grammar and phrasing in some sections.

/math - Important addition to the Multiple-Infinite Decimals section.

Updated the landing page to fix minor formatting issues.

/stratic - Major updates. Changed the starting size of the board to 10x10 instead of 12x12, this makes it more competitive and aggressive if players don't use board expansion. There are now only 2 starting rows instead of 3. The average number of total pieces on the board go up over time instead of down over time now (completely fucking engine depth analysis). I added two sections for ways to deal with time controls where time counts up instead of down.

Removed the Show of Force rule from Stratic because it has never been used and it's probably a bad rule tbh.

/library - Added new books and a free academic journal resource.

/smacro - New names added and crossed off in the minds section.

Updated /library again, minor link additions.

Reformatted the Binesi page.
Thinking about renaming it to Seneri or something like that so it doesn't get confused with the Ojibwe term binesi that it was originally named after and also so that it falls more in line with how other projects are named on Snerx.

/smacro - Added a few reports, removed old report data. Thanks to Spaciavelli for the Global Trends report from ODNI.

/library - Added two books and two papers, removed the scifi book from Cixin Liu because it wasn't relevant to any we use.

/library - Added the book from our last lecture, Likewar: The Weaponization of Social Media.

/diogenesis - Added all the newer summaries to the record of our lectures section.

Added the lectures notes for the 90th lecture to the archive -

/stratic - Minor spelling error fixes.

/skor - Major content additions, finally finished uploading everything for the game.

/percent - Added a new section, Relativistic Scoring, Ranking, and Names, for future testing on this server and elsewhere.

/library - Book added.
/physics - New section for Stellar Cartography and major grammar fixes.
/math - Minor grammar fixes.
/snux - Link additions.
/skell - Minor link addition.
/percent - Moved the Relativistic Units of Time section to /physics and added a new section for our relativistic and dynamically scaling scoring/ranking system.

/aoc - Minor changes. Likely to change a lot more as we get closer to the release date.

/library - Added a couple links.

/library - Added a few lectures and books.

/stratic - Minor formatting and grammar fixes.

/percent - Minor changes.

Updated minor image display issues on /team - very old page that has not and will not change for some time, but I will eventually make it functional for snerx activities.

/accelerate - Added a link for cryonics, plan to expand this a lot in the future.
/snavi - Added links to Shadow Stats and the Triffin Dilemma in the old peeps tab.
/snuff - It's been over a year since I was supposed to finish this, I am very far behind on this project despite having most of it finished off-site. I made some small changes today and will hopefully be adding a lot of content soon (although most projects on snerx only get worked on if other people show interest, so we'll see lol).
/snov - Still editing as I post this changelog, but I am adding a lot of cybernetics stuff and re-writing the page to be much more relevant and useful to server discussions.

Whole new page added to snerx with lots of content, but I can't show anyone unless they plan on playing Ashes of Creation with us when it launches.
Updated both the 404 and 403 pages, long-standing format error that hasn't been fixed since jan 2020 finally fixed.

/innawoods - Fixed and added all the links This Guy found.
/library - Fixed minor formating errors.
/SCP - Added the Xenotation cipher.

/library - Added ten or so more books, should be able to update other pages tomorrow.

/snux - Added links; changed category order.
/smacro - Added links.
/library - LOTS of good reads added. Particular thanks to spice, Dimorphique, and OdiliTime for some of them.
/trenches - New blue team and red team links specific to smartphone vulnerabilities.
/snavi - Lots of link additions.
/accelerate - Lots of juicy new linkies.

/accelerate - Minor spelling fix.
/stratic - Added the Bureaucrat piece to the fog of war variant.
/library - Removed the link for Snork since I'm re-adding it to the homepage after I possibly restructure that.
Updated the landing page - Didn't restructure, too lazy, but added Snork back. I have so much shit to fix/add on snerx.

/convincing - Made some small changes based on what we learned from the tests today.

/convincing - Changed the indirection rules to include the clause:
Similarly, if their response includes an affirmation or denial, but is in reference to a different subject-verb combination than the one that was used by the prompting question, this counts as an indirect response.

/slators - Reformated and removed the Chromatophore link since that's linked on the landing page.
/library - The /powsim page has been moved to the archive.
the HTML template in anticipation for the new page/game that is going to be integrated with this discord server. landing page to now link to below.
New page /convincing.
/stratic - Minor color changes to make it match the color scheme of /convincing.

/innawoods - Added a couple links from This Guy.

/math - Got rid of the self-deprecating bit in the intro paragraph and removed the tentative clause from the section about Goldbach's Conjecture.
/stratic - Changed the color scheme because Loaq someone lied and told me they could read it just fine when apparently it was completely unreadable.
Now it's dull, lifeless, and gray, like you fuckface.
I also added the Fog of War variant as a stretch goal lol; this variant makes it more like a traditional tactics-level wargame.

After playtesting every major mechanic and alternative movement types with Loaq last night, I have made notable changes to every piece's movement scheme and all of the main four rules. The game still effectively plays the same way, but many options for play are now possible that were not possible before either in Stratic or any other strategy board game. This will also mean OdiliTime's bot will need more tweaking, BUT the good news here is that none of the rules should ever change again from now on with the exception of one rule that is tentative for fortifiers (they can move while occupied now), outside of that single rule, I see nothing in the game rules or mechanics ever changing again.
Every change I made is reflected in the main link for stratic -
Since the board expands and thereby changes the grid/ruler naming, to make the grid naming consistent I will include negative numbers and have the ruler start from the center of the board instead of from the corner of the board. This also means we can have definite asymmetry in naming the player's sides like in chess but without using color names since there is always a 'positive' and a 'negative' side of the board.
Also added three variants.

Another big update. Added page /physics - The posts in goodposting that this content was from were deleted to clean up that channel.

NEW PAGE /math.

For the first time in years I have added an entirely new category to, it is called 'Bad STEMs' and it's where I'll be posting all the math and physics shit I've otherwise been posting in goodposting. The category will probably be deleted after it is absorbed into my second book, but it will be a long time before that happens since I still have to finish the first book lol.

/library - Minor link additions.
/accelerate - Major content additions to the Machine God section.

Updated the landing page -
I had mistakenly removed the snov link last time so this was added back; changed the animations so the main links are immediately clickable (was annoying before since they moved around).
/snov - Small addition as to why the page is outdated and no longer relevant. I probably won't ever archive this page since it still showcases some very juvenile-but-prescient ideas that were directly implemented into the projects linked on the same page.

/accelerate - The proposed changes from today's meeting have been added.

/accelerate - Massive changes, lots of new content, testing CSS animations, testing display script minimalism, and more.

/snarl - Minor edits.
/chromatophore - Minor edits.
/library - Added the /snork page to the archive since it is also linked on the two pages above and is being taken off the home page.
/home - Major changes to the order of links on the landing page, some links have been removed, and a new link has been added as a dedicated page/image for KIoCSL. The KIoCSL page/image is here -
/stratic - Grammar fixes and I added Cozmic's tool at the bottom.
/powsim - Single character change.

Finally got around to editing more of the game documentation with Redfoot today. Should be done soon and then both him and I will have a version of this shared architecture that we will host games in. His is called Uhuishaji/Scion and mine will be called Skor but they both use the same underlying architecture/documentation - only difference to the players will be the aesthetic of the gameworld.

I forgot to do this the other day but I added the CIA doc to /library - Similar docs will probably get added here eventually.

Updated the landing page and all the alternative themes for it to reflect the new links.
Added a new page /stratic - When a web-end exists, this page will be augmented to be the portal for playing stratic over of the web.
Added a new page /powsim - This has all the content from the power-simulator channel copied into it.
Will be deleting that channel off discord now.

/diogenesis - Added recent lectures and fixed some grammar as well as other minor stuff.
/audio - Added lecture recording placeholders and re-arranged the section order.

/audio - Added the practice run and official recording of Inter's Eulogy.

/audio - Added the section for all the lecture recordings. Only one is uploaded now (still need to edit down the rest) but the rest have placeholders. Feedback on the colors/layout appreciated, if feels compact enough to me but might be hard to read for others.
New page /archive/Lecture56Notes.
Made this since I realized the only copy of it was on privatebin, which is an external host that might go down at some point.
/boombap - I added a single link for A$AP Rocky lol.

/diogenesis - List of recorded lectures and their summaries updated.

/actually - Filled in the table for the pilot episodes.
/library - Added links.

/skell - Minor change to section title.

/library - Minor link addition.

/home - Name changes.
/percent - Rebranded to Spercent, now we won't get confused since we can call them Spercs.
/audio - New sections, moving content around, will be pushing lecture recordings here.
/smacro - Removed a tab of content, moving content to other page.
/skell - Reformatted.
/library - Major update, rename from /tool, moved content from /smacro, moved section to /audio, many link additions.

Going to remove the #library channel unless people say otherwise. All of its content is going to be moved to a new /library page on
/curl - Minimized more for test pulls.

/percent - Reformatted, moved stuff from /accelerate.
/accelerate - MAJOR update, reformatted, new links, new sections, new graphics, etc.

/about - Minor edits, theme change.
/cyberancientism - Minor edit, trying to add more to this page.
/snux - Link additions, reformatted.
/chromatophore - Minor theme fix.
/skell - Re-expanded all the sections, it looks better even though it's less compact.
/snavi - Big update, gutted a whole section and just replaced with 'golden three' cryptocurrencies.
/smacro - Minor formatting change and new links with the alien shit from Mox lol.
/innawoods - Added 3D printed suppressors and minor formatting change.

Written/spoken semiotic framework to combine music directly; Binesi verbal pattern broken over dnb paced phonetics can be layed over a reese line for a tonal component. Technical itch percussion versus liquid percussion more tonal components. Similar affect acheivable in other branches of music. This also allows Snarl notation but for Binesi, as well as a Binesi permutative syllabary, a true bridge inside this semiotic architecture. Further possible improvements may be attainable after software is made to auto-convert English or Binesi for this.
Reversed ciphering as 'Isenib' or a reversed read-order for mathematical congruity as a completion of the architecture with its included logical operators. Will have to figure this out when I wake up.

/boombap - Added links, notes, fixed grammar etc.
• In other news, OdiliTime may be working to finish the Stratic bot so we can play here or over the web, which will mean we can start gambling % and help distract @Zilvia %5.2057 from his other addictions.
• Additionally, me and @Redfoot {«««›} %7.8164 have combined our disparate projects for TTRPG simplification/dynamicism and have come up with something fantastically easier to play/learn than traditional TTRPG's yet it allows far greater player choice and complexity-of-outcome for the game environments. We're still working on it but we should have something close to a finished product in short time and will be able to share that with you all here.
• I will try to host both of these directly on so that they can be playable via a simple link from the landing page. When they go live, their will be server-groups we can make to play together and test these systems out.
• I am also trying to actually get through editing my first book to publish under the name of the table society, and since the views of the book are representative of the views of everyone in the table society (meaning every @Gold Blood), it behooves you to read the book and possibly even help me edit it. Only the introduction and first two chapters are currently finished, so it's not worth reading anything past that, but I will update here as that progresses along.

/tools -
Added an old document to the archive -

Finished cutting down the second chapter for the book, making the intro and first two chapters finished. Will update the online pdf tomorrow.

/trenches - New links, namely spyfinder and IntelligenceX.
/smacro - New links, new names, most underutilized page on snerx imo.

Renamed /stop to /skor but haven't updated the graphic for it yet -
Homepage augmented to reflect the name-change.
Minor changes to the defualt theme of the Snerx homepage.
VERY old thing I never got around to but finally fixed today, the tools+archive page on Snerx now actually shows the PDFs we archived and commonly referenced during lectures -

/boombap - Added Brother Ali to honorable mentions.

Updated SB again, gutted middle section, added cosigners.

Cosigners updated on shadow broker.

/nerx - Grammatical fixes and link updates.

/boombap - Minor link additions.
/percent - Grammatical changes.

Updates from before 2021 don't have links or follow the same format since copying them over from Discord and editing them took way too long.

Updated /diogenesis - Substantial reformatting and additions to the lecture record section and an important addition to the first exam question that has been missing for several years. Updated /tools - Small change making room for the addition of a new landing page link. Updated /music - Fixed old formatting issues, shouldn't be noticeable to anyone else. Updated /snux - Minor color corrections. Added /audio - New landing page link. Now there is actually a page for my music (and other members if they want it) and other audio links. Updated /boombap and /percent to reflect new design reduction.
Updated /trenches and /innawoods; minor link updates and imperceptible formatting changes.
Updated /skell - Minor changes.
Jk on sleep, midnight driveby secret page drop - This took me way longer to make than it should have, probably won't link anywhere directly on Snerx but will be useful for future arguments. Lots of shit in this list gives frission or tears if you're gay. Lots is hype as fuck too. Challenge you to find someone I missed.
Updated /chromatophore - Major changes, entire reworking of the system.
Updated /stop - Stat changes, ability score adjustments due to feedback, grammar fixes, rule clarifications.
Updated /trenches - Fixed tab buttons and added links. Working on other pages today, trying to flesh out newer pages and catch up on content. I have to fix spelling and rules on /stop but it's a graphic ps project, so will do after I catch up and finish helping Redfoot. Same with Chromatophore. Updated /snuff - Stat balances, grammar fixes, no major content additions this time. Updated /skell - Some new food links. Still a lot to add to this page. Updated /SCP - Muted colors to match other pages, added links for chemical steg. Updated /innawoods - Minor changes and link additions. Updated the landing page - Reclassifications. Updated /snavi - Formatting and layout now matches the rest of the site. Updated /about - Minor addition.
Updated /accelerate - New logo, and a small bit of new content.
Just thought of a way to make chromatophore way more efficient and actually practical rather than just an experiment. Instead of using specific values that are hard to distinguish at a glance, it will use general colors and their transitions- will solve accessability for color-blind people and will make it instantaneous to visually parse. Instead of banners with symbols grounded in the background color, it will use color dots as the letters and symbols overlayed to do basic operations/grammar and obfuscation. Will post update later today with actual example. Or some day.
Created new page /percent - Explains the percent-based currency we are developing as well as a percent-based time system and compact ID system. If people think it would look better layed out like the new layouts for /smacro or /innawoods, then I'll turn the sections into tabs like those other pages.
Updated /tools - Added links to the podcasts. Anyone else in Snerx or Diogenesis that has been on podcasts, I will gladly add links to those on this same page. Updated the landing page - Now includes direct links to Chromatophore, Stop, and Percent. The NHITSOSAS book deadlink was removed (but will include somewhere if that book ever gets made - would need actual funding for that one). Will probably remove the deadlink for Power Simulator in the future since tying it to betting in Stratic will most likely replace its function. Still working on the Percent page.
Created new page /stop - Photoshop doesn't have a spell checker and I have dsylexia, there are spelling errors. Will send % to people who find spelling errors or inconsistencies for me lol. Also THIS IMAGE IS STEG'D.
Updated /smacro - Reformated to match /innawoods and display right on small screens. Updated /trenches - Reformated to match the same as above. Dividing into Blue Team and Red Team for lol. Updated /snavi - Also reformated to match the above, but slightly different. Idk if I like this better than the original version of the page. Feedback appreciated.
New page /chromatophore - Related to the image posted in original-content, with some explanation. Updated /slators - Added the /chromatophore link and fixed some minor CSS issues. These CSS issues were also fixed on /about and /nerx. Will eventually fix them on the other pages.
Updated /snuff - Fixed the CSS so it should display without the scroll bars and be formated right now (I think). Also added a Sex section to the species guide and started adding an additional species (won't be visible for a while though). Working on this got me thinking about how the Luzonti are based on manta rays and thinking about that made me think about chromataphore skin and signaling, which made me think about semiotics and writing systems, so I'll also be uploading a new page dedicated to the chromataphore writing system soon as well and post some of the art/designs in original-content.
Updated /innawoods again - Included cheaper variants of some things, most options for others, and new links to self-contained kits if you want a minimal version of the list for far cheaper.
I have substantially updated /innawoods - Changed the layout to be single-column tab-fed so that it will display correctly on small screens (a long standing problem of CSS interpretation by browsers using my site) and will likely copy this layout to all my other multi-column pages; before I do so I need to know that it doesn't look too garbage to people. Would appreciate feedback on the new layout @Silver Blood.
Am updating /innawoods with stuff we discussed. Will probably be another day or two before finished because I have been reading about what is better to use for certain things versus which things are cheap enough and availible enough to actually physically attain right now, etc. Page will be updated soon tho.
Am still very behind on stuff. Need to add over the changes OdiliTime made to the strip cipher so we can use passwords instead of random OTPs. Need to add everything for Snuff (holy shit I'm behind on this). Need to update other pages. Need to finish uploading like 60 projects to artstation. Eventually need to finish like a dozen tracks for music. Need to finish stuff for the semiotics projects. And I need to get around to editing and finishing three books at some point. Some of this will happen at some point I promise lol.
Updated /smacro, /skell, and /snuff. Link additions.
Updated /snux, /innawoods, and /trenches. Link additions.
Updated Snuff (finally) - Items/equipment tab is finally finished now. There will be a few more items added (and possibly more features in the feat list) but it is effectively done. Hoping to finish more tabs soon (3 left and then Snuff is completely live).
I made a minor update to /snuff again on the same sub-page. Almost all of the content is finished but making it display correctly as HTML is not as straightforward as I thought given the weird design of the page. If somebody was willing to sit in a call with me while I worked, I could probably get three times as much done each day on Snuff since I'd be allocating my time more reasonably.
Updated the species tab on /snuff - Mice / mousefolk have been added as a playable race. I am slowly but surely updating Snuff and while Snuff could could have been finished already, I have had my focus on other projects. I am trying to work on everything and will hopefully have more done with Snuff sooner than later
Updated all of the landing page themes for snerx, formating fixes and display errors.
Updated /snov, /snork, and /skell. Fixed display issues, directory paths, and grammar issues. Updated /cyberancientism - Added Loaq's link and fixed grammar in some of the descriptions.
Updated /skell - Imperceptible changes. OdiliTime updated the SSC to include deterministic passwords for key generation (will make using SSC far more convenient), and will update the web-end soon. Big thanks for this btw. Updated /trenches - Minor link additions.
Updated /cyberancientism - Added @Deleted User's (Mox?) section (very late on this) and am going to add twenty or so more projects to my own artstation, some of which aren't on instagram.
Updated the landing page and about page for themes. Landing page now has the 3D render been waiting on and the about page was restored to the original theme.
Updated /skell - New paragraph and psychometric link suggested by @Deleted User.
Updated /innawoods - Haven't fixed Cozmic's stuff yet but did add a bit and re-arranged some stuff.
Updated /cyberancientism - Added links for Reigarhen's and @Deleted User's artstations. Added link for Sphlem too.
Updated /trenches - Very minor changes.
Big update to /skell - Dermal section added, page layout completely changed to compact the sections. Minor changes to the noot section. Cozmic has a bunch of new spelling errors / broken links he reported that I need to fix. Will do that tomorrow if reminded.
Updated a bunch of pages but mostly /trenches (not just spelling/link errors, added links) - Fixed colors on /snavi to make it less painful on your eyes - 03/06/2020
Updated /diogenesis.
More flattening, removed entire directory for /snux/, is now its own stand-alone page like the rest. This is the last directory I can flatten, everything else will have to stay for the forseeable future. I also reworked a bunch of directory paths internally but no one will see or care about those.
Minor update to /skell and another exam question added to /diogenesis.
Restructuring directory layout and trying to flatten the webserver even more. What this means - /smacro/ is now just /smacro, all sub-files removed, same with several other directories. Entire server more portable and more self-contained. Doing the same on more pages as I go; some exceptions for pages that have their own resources like /snuff/. TL;DR: you can download and mirror the site or download individual pages and load them offline even easier and more uniformally now. Goal is that some day I find a way to make every single page entirely self-contained, the only thing stopping this from happening is that base-64 image code takes up massive amounts of space and is not feasibly transmitted as text in an HTML file. So until I find a way to inject images as text code more efficiently, resources are still loaded separately. >>>Also link updates and minor additions to /smacro and /trenches. Minor updates to /snavi. Updated /nerx but tradingview does not want to push into an iframe, may just be a problem on my end. Updated /skell with a new section.
Minor changes to hidden cipher pages.
Minor changes to /diogenesis. More will come since we overhauled the entire page.
Updated /home, /about, and /diogenesis.
Updated /snavi, /SCP, /about, /accelerate, and the landing page.
Updated the art archive - You will notice most of the art is not actually on this page. This is because instead of uploading all of our work onto the server and manually creating a directory map for everyone's work, I decided to link their work off-site instead. A full archive will be made availible for download if everyone approves, but the individual works will no longer be listed, just portfolios.
Updated trenches - Cleaned up a couple dead links pointed out by people and moved some content to innawoods. Updated innawoods - Big new section, new links, content moved over from trenches, and more.
Updated SB. Updated diogenesis - Notables edits to the intro and cleaned up some stuff in the code.
So firefox and chrome interpret CSS differently, which means I've spent six hours trying to figure out how to make the page display absolutely the same accross all systems instead of copying content over, but Snuff is effectively a playable game now. There is a lot (most) of content that still needs to be copied over to the webpage so it's not very useful now and that will have to wait at least another week until I have free time again (probably three weeks), but it is officially playable on paper. There was a slight redesign to try to make the CSS work better, I cannot for the life of me figure out why it does not want to display properly, but you can all see the WIP here -
I apparently missed a bunch of pages when doing the last code consolidation. Those are fixed now. Big content updates coming in a few hours.
Updated trenches - Minor link additions. Updated snUX - Content removal. My hopes are that if I get free time back I can finally go back and finish the Rome/Antium rice's and then use Antium to design the interface hinted at near the bottom. Updated snarl - Minor changes in the wording since this is not a language unto itself but a framework for making or converting languages and that was not clear before. Updated sploit - Grammatical and spelling error fixes. Want to finish this at some point too.
Updated Links, info, stuff. Updated smacro - Notable link additions, layout change, and minor cleanup. Updated accelerate - Minor link additions.
I just re-enabled IPv4 for Am trying to make/find time to actually work on Snerx again.
Updated Small changes but also includes the above ping now. Updated Sizeable additions to the trenches.
Some of you may no longer be able to connect to or other sites hosted by the server. I renewed the SSL/TLS cert for the server today, learned something new about network protocols in the process (see security) and will re-iterate something: port 80 is not open for the server. HTTP traffic is entirely ignored. I do this instead of using a redirect to absolutely force traffic through HTTPS, the connections must start encrypted and cannot pull HTTP traffic initially. This makes generic MITM upgrade attacks impossible. Additionally, since I am unaware of anyone using the site from a country whose infrastructure is so poor that the ISPs have not enabled IPv6 yet, I have also just completely disabled all IPv4 traffic. This means every time you connect to the site, or at least every time you restart the connecting device, you should have a completely new IP address, making it more difficult to correlate connections to static devices. If forced IPv6 breaks accessibility for you, let me know, I have just now enabled it. I am also looking into recoding a lot of to use AJAX or a php-call and javascript pageload function so that the URL never deviates from "". What this means: typically if you visit to see the /trenches page, you enter just that, a full URL of The problem with this is that even though traffic is encrypted by SSL/TLS, the metadata and headers are not encrypted, so an ISP, or really anyone, can see that you vistied even though they can't view the data in the packets pulled from that page on the server. This makes encryption mostly useless unless you are sending sensitive info to a server. However, by using the above method you can dynamically load new content directly from the index file, making it so the URL never changes from I am open to discussion on this.
Updated Now using an edited version of Moxtak's art as the logo, minor content additions, will probably use this same steg technique on all my pages in the future, it's easy but fun.
Updated Changed part of the intro and I mirrored everything from meeting-summaries at the bottom of the page.
Updated Very important since this page is effectively the privacy policy for the server as well lol. Updated the landing page - Big changes to pages displayed and their ordering. New pages added, more to come soon. Updated Lots of things added/changed.
Updated and Minor link additions. Minor changes to the landing pages.
Updated Minor link additions.
Updated Minor spelling/grammar fixes. I will have a page for the HangTen/Cyberancient font and writing system soon.
I've had a breakthrough in semiotics, might be like Snarl. Similarities: the architecture has logic operators built in, letters double as numbers, formating is pseudo-arbitrary, it's base-10, and easy to read. Disimilarities: not based on unit circle (so does not have the special property of circular spectrometers), but can be easily written by hand on paper, logic operators can be paired with numbers to create functions that cipher the text (this means understanding the language doesn't garuntee being able to de-obfuscate it), text can be wrapped into circular loops for literal ring-ciphers as well, and there will be a font file download so you can type using this writing system. I am calling this the Hang-Ten writing system so far because of its use of base ten and because the aesthetics of it make it look like everything is hanging off a flat board (similar to Arabic). I have done this all in a single night of sleep. This is what I'm talking about in the sleep section of /skell; most of my work is done in lucid dream states. My free time is limited but I will try to publish a page on all this with font download as soon as possible.
Updated Minor spelling/grammar fixes.
Renewed SSL cert and re-disabled port 80.
Updated Content moved over from /skell and minor formating changes. Updated BIG UPDATE. Lots of direct information on personal cognitive plans and ways you can directly augment cognitive efficacy. I have some info in there I have never talked about in this Discord (or elsewhere) about how I do most of my work while fully asleep; this is worth learning yourself if you want to maximize cognitive labor.
Updated Minor but important update, watches added in the misc section. Updated Minor update. Updated Content removed, will be added back on a new page. New page Some of the content from /smacro moved here, will be further expanded soon; already linked on landing page. Updated Lots of new tools/links. Updated Whole new section added for hardware stuff because of what RogueGod has shown me. Updated New page added, the official RogueGod translator lol -
Updated Link additions.
Updated Content removed.
Updated Notable changes.
Updated Very minor link additions. 4/15/2019
Updated Link additions.
Updated Minor link additions, code cleanup. Updated Code cleanup and I added the link for lol. Updated Added a dozen links. I was wrong, this page is not close to finished. There's room for so much more. Updated all the landing pages,, and Code cleanup, re-arranged shit, different links, removed some corner clutter, etc.
Updated Link additions, code cleanup, and Rainbow River TA added.
Updated Minor link additions and cleaned up the code. Updated Minor link additions. This has a lot, but I will probably add a lot more still, about double the content, and will probably split the page into two when I do so.
Updated Imperceptable changes. Updated Incredibly minor link additions. Updated Minor edits. Updated the homepage Cleaned up the code and some of the visible text; rearranged stuff. Updated Cleaned up the code (again), removed the corner divs, and added some text.
Updated Notable link additions and changes; this page is always being updated but I think after a few more additions it'll be close to 'finished'.
Updated Link changes. Updated MANY link additions. Page is not half-way to what I want yet, will be adding much more content and changing layout some time soon I hope.
Updated Some notable link additions.
Updated Minor switches; includes SSC now.
New page This is the finished version and webend for OdiliTime's code. Many thanks, everyone can now use this.
Updated Important changes to certain phrasing as well as the transformation process itself with note of OdiliTime's work added at the end.
Updated Minor link additions reflecting the Bitmessage spam in goodposting.
Updated Very minor link additions.
Updated again. A few more minor link additions. Updated Minor link additions. Updated First major update since creation. Updated Imperceptible change; notes for later.
All port 80 traffic is now disabled, this means the only way you can connect to the snerx website is through HTTPS; forced encryption. On top of this, I optimized TLS usage by a significant margin and also force HTTP/2 traffic over it now. IPv4 connections are disabled as well; forced IPv6. EDIT: IPv4 Re-enabled due to most country infrustructure being too old. If this causes problems, let me know. Updated Minor link additions.
Updated Minor link additions and dead link fixes. Will update more pages later today to get ready for Skell, NERSHA, and NHSSS.
Considering blocking all port 80 connections (and every single other port except 22/SSH) to the Snerx server, leaving only 442/HTTPS open. This means the only way a browser or any other system can connect to the server is through httpS, forcing all traffic to be encrypted. This may break connections with w3m and some other linux-specific browsers, but it will ensure some level of privacy (granted, that level is arbitrary since plenty of SSL/TLS vulnerabilities exist). This level of privacy/security is not sufficient, and we are looking into moving the server system to distributed+decentralized networks. If I do this, it will happen when I next renew my SSL cert on the server (in about two months). This will be paired with the canary and a shift in the pages and services provided by the Snerx webserver will also follow this. Specifically, a tunneled host of Discord will be provided to obfuscate your traffic and usage of Discord, as well as test versions of Shadowbox and other protocols for communication and file transmission, as these will all culminate in a totalizing blackbox for privacy. Updated Link additions and project modification.
Updated I added a canary and I was able to standardize more of my site by using webfonts (so that different browsers wouldn't use different default monospaced fonts) but for some reason chrome uses such a small color depth that I still can't get every browser to display my site exactly the same. For comparison, left is Firefox, right is Chrome. Whatever I guess.
Updated and Minor link additions.
I renewed the SSL certificate for the webserver. SSL/TLS encrypts the packets between a webserver and your browser (as long as you see 'https'), which stops even your ISP from being able to view the contents of the packets. However, it does not stop anyone from seeing the url or webpage the packets are coming from, which means if you visit, everyone will still know.
Big update to, which used to be /winux. Will be doing a lot more with this and it will be a main feature in the new art channel that will replace original-content soon.
New additions in #deleted-channel also added to
Updated and Minor link additions. Updated Section addition and cleaned up some stuff.
Big update to Postmates Cartel now added.
Minor updates to a bunch of pages today including the landing page Snavi - NerX - Archive & Toorls - Winux - snUX - Snov - Smaco - New page: Slanguage -
Updated Obviously, I removed BitMEX, but also shuffled exchanges around by whether or not they offered margin trading at all. I also removed some ShapeShift stuff since they require KYC now. Updated Minor link additions.
Updated again. Small revision this time, based on some of the suggestions RogueGod gave.
Big change to my website that no one will probably notice. I optimized some of the HTML, but more importantly I removed all cross-site scripts ( was used on almost every page) with the exception of Soundcloud on the landing page (easily blocked), so it's impossible for trackers to find you using my site now unless you allow Soundcloud's extra ad scripts. I highly recommend using uMatrix over any other script removal addons or adblockers since it covers everything all the time by default and has highly granular control per-site. I am also updating several pages specifically today with significant content changes (innawoods already has 50+ new links) and will be adding a Canary page (this is mostly aesthetic since I don't keep logs anyways). No one has ever requested this, but I am thinking of making a hidden service on both Tor and I2P, possibly even Beaker, if people would prefer to use my site that way instead. If I get no one arguing to the contrary, I will also most likely block all port 80 connections (HTTP) to force HTTPS connections, making the site significantly more secure for people who use it. Although SSL/TLS is superficial protection. Updated Big addition of 50+ links and there's a similarly sized content addition on the way when I get the time again. This is basically 'prepper' shit but it's all camping shit too.
Updated Notable changes, mainly email comments. The DigDeeper messages from Moxtak have fundamentally changed my mind. The Snerx website will move away from ProtonMail to Bitmessage.
Updated Notable link additions. More to come.
Updated Theme change, new artwork by ZiEK, and some new clauses for privacy.
Updated Minor change, added the link to the exchange tool -
First commit Will be adding a lot more to this in the comming days, I'm really behind on schedule.
Updated,, & Minor link adds/changes.
Updated Some changes were made in the intro and conclusion sections, most notably the inclusion of the modified Strip Cipher as a proposed solution to both frequency analysis and sustained recursive plaintext attacks.
Updated New links and formatting. Updated New links and some re-arrangement. To the people who have pointed out that site content doesn't display well on small screens - every CSS trick I try seems to cause it to fuck up some other browser. Currently Safari users suffer the most from my site's CSS, so I'm not changing it until someone literally hands me a CSS fix that works for all browsers. Updated Minor changes to links, some re-arrangement.
Note about last night: Dynamically-sized hash outputs for forward security without having to change the algo. This solves two problems: hash vulnerabilities and lack of identity. On identity: this combines hashing with verifiability of identity, all you have to do is hash a signature and then be able to provide hash out put of N+1 length upon request.
Updated New themes. Updated Minor grammatical fixes and link changes. Updated Basic chart visible, exchange when I get to it.
Updated Formatting update getting ready for the Halloween changes and I added three new pages. Updated First commit of one of the new pages, for basic trading principles; will be significantly expanded if/when I add a full-featured exchange to the same page. More updates to come tomorrow: new theme, new UX Design page, new SFIS page, and a new section of Sploit.
Updated Small update, just added a couple links. Updated BIG UPDATE. Lots of links added, format/aesthetics changed.
Updated Get slaves.
Updated Small content change; switched out the S&W 8-shooter with the superior Chiappa. This page will be getting a lot of attention at some point, lots of room for large content additions. Ins0mnia copied my landing page ( Even worse, when you click the center image and mouse over the two that appear after, it becomes apparent that they have also copied the narrative format I use, saying, "To wake up," and, "To never sleep." lol
Updated Big content additions and change in formatting.
Updated Fixed the formatting, adding and replaced a bunch of links.
I've updated the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem Notes
All pages on the snerx website updated to be standalone html files you can download and view offline!
Updated Resources, notes, stats, and aesthetics changed.
I renewed the SSL/TLS cert for the snerx domain today. Normally this isn't a notable thing, but I think I should let everyone know that while TLS is not perfectly secure (there are 'downgrade' attacks for it), it is still an important factor in ensuring basic human rights for privacy and security. If a website does not have the 'S' in https, then the site doesn't bother enabling free and robust encryption. This is a huge red flag.
I made some small changes to This was mostly to fix some terms and phrasing.
I added a new page This will be for the prepper people.
Updated /world /trenches /snavi and some other stuff. Mostly formatting but also links.
Updated Only the intro and first chapter have anything about anything, rest needs to be gutted.
Updated Links/tools added. Updated Links/formatting.
Updated A few new links, Mcaps updated. Updated Formatting change only.
Updated Fixed broken links and formating. Updated Mcap list update and new links. Updated Many new links.
Updated This is the first upload of the hash-reversing process using IPFS.
Updated This is the technical documentation for SNIPH.
Updated There are a dozen or so new links, in particular, there are decentralized VPN services that are actually secure for once. Updated There are a few new links, and I will be adding more shortly, in particular, the US Debt Clock links.